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Emergency Calling API

Emergency Calling API

Changing the way you call for help

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Connecting your customers to the help they need

The ability to call for help is something we often take for granted, but there’s a lot that’s required to make an emergency call. That’s why, for the longest time, we’ve relied on dialing the digits “911” from our home or mobile phones to get help. Now, Bandwidth’s Emergency Calling API lets you empower your users to contact emergency services how and where they want, giving them peace of mind.

Emergency Calling Solutions Webinar

Learn how our new Emergency Calling API allows you to connect customers to public safety in new ways.

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Embed public safety access right into your app

When every second counts, having to move between an app and your phone’s dialer to call for help can seem like an eternity. Embedding emergency calling functionality directly into your application means your users are never more than a button push away from getting the help they need, when and where they need it.

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Get help where it’s needed, even if you aren’t there

Wireless technology has changed how we protect our homes. Now, users have the ability to check-in no matter where they are. But if they see something wrong and need help for their home while they’re not at their home, it can be complicated. Bandwidth’s Emergency Calling API allows users to use the location of their home security system, not the caller, to connect with emergency services and get help sent where it’s needed even if they’re not there.

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Get connected faster with no need for phone infrastructure

VoIP calling is complicated and it’s not your business’ focus, but you want to provide your users with the added layer of service they need. With Bandwidth’s Emergency Calling API you can add the ability to connect to public safety without the infrastructure that’s traditionally needed which allows you to get connected faster.

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The experience and connections to get you started

Bandwidth has decades of experience helping businesses connect their users to public safety. With coverage of approximately 6,000 public safety access points (PSAPs) in the U.S. and Canada, we route emergency calls to the desired public safety agency to deliver critical information. Our team of experts is ready to help you every step of the way, with white glove on-boarding and support at every pass.

Get your customers connected

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DIY security

Connect with emergency services no matter where you are. Our Emergency Calling API gives your customers peace of mind that their homes are safe.

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Personal safety devices

You can’t plan for needing help. Personal safety devices give you the security of knowing you can get help where you are, when you need it.

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Direct your wearable device to call for help when it’s needed. Whether a dedicated personal security device, a feature on a device, our Emergency Calling API gives your customers another way to call for help.

Peace of mind is an API away

Give your customers the peace of mind they need. Whether it’s their personal safety or the security of their home, Bandwidth’s Emergency Calling API can change how your users achieve peace of mind.

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