A day off to serve our communities

By Alyson McGregor

Go! Do! Day is one of the many perks of working at Bandwidth. This opportunity allows Bandmates to spend a day participating in any form of community service, if we choose to do so. This given day is not deducted from our earned PTO days, it is simply a gifted day to us to become more involved in our community.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to volunteer alongside Habitat for Humanity with a group of my fellow Bandmates. Our mission was to assist with construction on new-build homes for families in need. I wasn’t too sure what this meant, but I was excited to be given such a great opportunity to give back to my community.

The challenge

Upon arrival, we were split into groups and assigned a house that we would be working on that day. My group was assigned to a home that still had quite a bit of work to do. Our job was to learn how to measure, cut, and install the vinyl siding.

My first thought was “there’s no way I can do this”. I was really nervous at first and it was a lot of pressure to make sure it was done correctly. The volunteers with Habitat for Humanity were so welcoming and patient as we learned the ins and outs of siding installation. After quite a few attempts, I felt like I finally had a grasp on what to do.

A sense of fulfillment

While working throughout the day, we also learned what the future plans are for the neighborhood we were in and how the purchasing process works for the families buying those homes.

It felt very fulfilling and rewarding to know that I was able to help a family in need live in a safe and an affordable home. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity whenever it is available. Not only did I learn some new skills, but I was able to ensure that a family has a place to call home.