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Bandwidth announces a comprehensive Direct Routing & E911 solution with Duet℠ for Microsoft Teams

Caitlin Long Caitlin Long
Caitlin Long
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We understand the challenges enterprises face when deploying Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams. That’s why Bandwidth is proud to launch Duet℠ for Microsoft Teams. This new offering gives enterprises a Direct Routing and Dynamic E911 solution through a single, software-centric carrier. Now, large enterprises can take their numbers with them to Teams, leave behind the headaches, and ensure employees have access to a reliable and dynamic E911 solution.

The trend toward Direct Routing

Enterprises who choose the Microsoft Phone System capabilities within Teams for PSTN connectivity have two options: 

  1. Microsoft Calling Plans, or 
  2. Direct Routing, Microsoft’s Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) offering

Larger organizations considering Teams for their 1,000+ employees’ calling needs often decide to eschew Microsoft Calling Plans in favor of decoupling their telephony through Direct Routing. There’s a few reasons behind this trend.

In his most recent publication, Irwin Lazar, VP and Service Director at Nemertes Research, advises, “Enterprises evaluating adopting Microsoft Teams or Zoom should take the time to understand PSTN connectivity options and consider BYOC, where it makes sense to save money, improve flexibility, and to maintain control of phone number resources.” He also notes, “BYOC offers other significant benefits to enterprises, beyond simple cost savings. These include the ability to retain control over dialing plans and phone numbers, E911 location advantages, call routing solutions offered by the SIP trunking provider, and multiple cloud providers support (e.g., Teams or Zoom for calling and another cloud provider for contact center).” 

Duet℠: Built to solve complex migrations

When these Fortune 1,000 type companies see the simplicity of the Direct Routing model, the next step is solving for the actual migration itself, which can quickly get complex and painful. First, there’s the complexities of migrating communications into the cloud while maintaining the connections that are key to business continuity and operations. There’s also the challenge of solving for 911 in a cloud environment. This is complicated to begin with, but even more so when you have to provide accurate location information for employees who are moving between buildings, floors, and often even states. Then of course, there are regulatory hurdles like Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act, which make finding an advanced E911 solution to provide emergency notifications and accurate location information a critical piece to solve for.

Bandwidth Duet℠ for Teams allows organizations to solve these complex, connected issues, while also unlocking all of the awesome benefits discussed by creating a synchronous duet between the power of the Microsoft Teams platform and Bandwidth’s carrier services and CPaaS cabilities.

What is Duet℠ for Microsoft Teams?

Duet℠ for Teams combines software-driven SIP with dynamic E911 capabilities, and is delivered through our industry leading Dashboard and award winning support. The voice portion of our Duet℠ solution is built atop Bandwidth’s SIP native network, long a standard for leading UCaaS and CPaaS platforms. Bandwith’s nationwide E911 network is the backbone of our advanced E911 capabilities, and we’re currently one of only two providers certified by Microsoft to provide 911 services to support their dynamic emergency calling capabilities.

“A lot of companies provide Direct Routing options, but Direct Routing without 911 is an incomplete solution,” said John Bell, Bandwidth’s Senior Vice President of Product Strategy. “Duet℠ helps enterprises solve 911 challenges by leveraging the innovative, dynamic location capabilities provided in Microsoft Teams. Bandwidth can natively route E911 calls across our secure, highly-reliable, nationwide network based on precise user location information that is made available at the time of the emergency call. Not only does this help enterprises meet new and existing state and federal regulations, it sets the stage for better emergency outcomes and a safer enterprise.”

Underpinning the whole solution is our enterprise-grade support. We pride ourselves on just being easier to work with, but don’t take our word for it. Our customers tell the story for us. “Their comprehensive solution gave us all the tools and services we needed to successfully deploy Direct Routing and E911 for Microsoft Teams,” said Josh Jandrain, CIO of Inclusa. “Throughout the process they were truly a partner in our migration process. My team felt like we were Bandwidth’s number one customer.”

Why Duet℠ for Microsoft Teams? 

Options for Direct Routing aren’t lacking, so why Bandwidth Duet℠ for Microsoft Teams? In addition to being the only comprehensive, carrier-direct offering for BOTH Direct Routing and Dynamic E911, Bandwidth’s long-term relationship with Microsoft uniquely positions us to help enterprises migrate in a way no other provider can. 

“Bandwidth and Microsoft’s relationship goes back a decade,” said Caitlin Long, Manager, Enterprise Product Marketing at Bandwidth. “Our industry-leading support and experience blending telecom and software to solve unique problems, puts us in a unique position to help enterprises navigate and sort through even the most complicated Teams migrations.”

Learn more about Bandwidth's Duet℠ for Microsoft Teams solution

Bandwidth is offering full access to its Duet for Microsoft Teams for large organizations that have access to a Microsoft certified SBC. To learn more about Duet for Microsoft Teams, visit to watch our Tips & Tricks video and to see what makes Duet for Microsoft Teams such an amazing solution for your Direct Routing & E911 needs.

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