Customer Story: How an event booking app builds a rockin’ response rate with Bandwidth’s SMS API

Caroline Sutton
Caroline Sutton
People watching live music - Gigsalad

GigSalad, the premier online marketplace for booking entertainment attracts party planners and entertainment professionals with a combination of their easy-to-use platform, industry know-how, and that awesome upbeat name (GigSalad… so fun!).

The premise of the online talent marketplace is simple: GigSalad acts as a two-way communication platform for connecting talent with event hosts nationwide. Ever found yourself needing a string quartet for a fancy dinner party? GigSalad’s got ‘em. Need a clown for your kid’s birthday party? GigSalad’s got a gaggle of bozo’s at the ready.

When GigSalad needed a way to optimize their platform by eliminating miscommunication and time lag between customer communications, they turned to Bandwidth’s SMS API for quick help that stood up to the needs of their unique clientele.  Text messaging is an easy way for customers to communicate back and forth, without having to rely on checking app notifications, or having your computer in front of you.

Lead Engineer Locke Bircher describes the SMS-enabled event booking process with GigSalad:  “Our booking platform is probably what I’m most proud of. GigSalad is by far the easiest place to find and hire talent of any kind, for any event. Sometimes we see major bookings being discussed, ironed out, and agreed upon over the course of less than an hour. It’s amazing to me.”

GigSalad now sends thousands of text messages per day through Bandwidth’s SMS API, baked seamlessly into their platform. The best news? Communications and response rates have significantly improved as a direct result of using the API. “As a result, response loops are tighter and communication between users on our site as grown, average response times have gone from hours to minutes when users have text messaging enabled,” said Bircher.

So there you have it: saved time, increased responses, more effective communication. It’s as simple as a quick SMS.
Has messaging changed the way your users interact like it has for GigSalad? Let’s hear your experiences in the comments below!