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Everything you need to know about a unique Compliance Operations team and how they help you navigate regulation in 5 ways
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Reduce regulatory complexity in 60+ markets. Talk to a telecom compliance expert.

Your network provider can do so much more

Let’s get to the heart of your growth problem. What’s keeping you from bringing your communications offering to new markets, domestically and internationally?  More often than not Electronic Communications Service providers (ECS) tell us that telecom compliance is a struggle. 

With great scale comes greater responsibility toward your end-users. So telecom compliance can seem more complex for you and everybody downstream your communications supply chain as you grow and conquer new markets. 

But you don’t have to do it alone.

Your network provider can offer you more than just a heads-up about new regulations. They can help you understand and implement regulatory measures faster and help deliver the intended benefits of these regulations to your customers sooner. 

Our customers enjoy this elevated support and peace of mind as an integral part of our customer support. 

A unique Compliance Operations team to help you navigate regulations smarter

You are in charge of your telecom compliance. But Bandwidth’s Compliance Operations team becomes an expert extension of your team, making it easier for you to:

  • Anticipate regulatory challenges
  • Make everyday compliance operations easier
  • Make smarter compliance decisions
  • Drive action quicker

Top 5 ways Bandwidth’s Compliance Operations team reduces your regulatory complexity

You have a partner: You can come to us with questions. You can look to us for alerts. We are an additional set of eyes and ears with the telecom regulatory authorities and we gather relevant information to help you understand and anticipate new regulatory challenges. 

You have experts looking out for you: We operate in 60+ countries and we have embedded our regulatory expertise in these countries into our global offering. So you have a single-window access to an expert understanding of electronic communications regulations worldwide and their impact on you. 

It’s all less noticeable to you and your customers: Get help with project-managing compliance, get alerted when you need to know about what you need to know, and get access to experts the moment you have a question. In short, drive compliance, don’t let it drive you. We do our part to stay compliant (including complete STIR/SHAKEN implementation in the U.S.). And we help you do your bit too. 

You can be proactive: You get access to all the tools to stay updated on communications regulations–Guidebooks, Help Center, Newsletters, Webinars, Workshops, and more–everything to keep you in pace with the regulatory changes. 

You have insider insights: We have local regulatory expertise in the countries we serve and national operator status in 30+ countries. We are engaged with CTIA, Incompas, M3AAWG, SIP Forum, ATIS, the STI-GA, the ITG, NENA, EENA, Comms Council UK, Telecommunications Union (ITU), among others. 

Next step: scaling. How can your network provider help?

Network providers can, by extension, help pave the shortest path to your global scale too.  When considering a scaling partner on the network side, ask yourself:

Are they fast? Can they get you set up in new markets at the pace you demand?
Are they agile? Are their services versatile for configuration? Are they API-driven?
Are they flexible? Can they offer you custom options in coverage, support, contracts, among more?

How do you make sure they are all these things? 

Here’s a short checklist to help you do just that. It will help you ask all the right questions to the network provider–about network, compliance, customer support, emergency services capability, and more–and help you pick the right one for your scaling roadmap.

Get the provider all leaders scale with

Breaking into new markets to stay is not easy. It can get both strategically and operationally complex–juggling multiple providers and priorities across channels, regions, and regulations. You need a partner who gets down in the trenches with you while empowering you with the agility, flexibility, and speed-to-market to start realizing your scaling ROI. 

Bandwidth is an all-IP network provider, offering voice, messaging, emergency calling, and global numbers in 60+ countries worldwide, with full PSTN replacement in 38+ countries. 

We power the Leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrants for UCaaS, CCaaS, and meeting solutions. They rely on the reach and resilience of our network which has at least 2 points of presence in every region(total of 8) and 24/7/365 active network monitoring and intelligent routing. You are also supported round-the-clock by customer success teams, regulations experts, and our experience from growing our network organically across 60+ countries. 

Our customers see a faster stand-up in new markets with low-code/low-configuration turn-on, deep global numbers inventories, and API-driven operations that help them integrate communications with native business systems faster.