How to engage patients to retain them

They demand communication options. And they are ready to switch healthcare providers for ease of accessibility.

Find out if you are engaging them through their preferred digital channels in 2023 or stand the risk of losing them.

You’ll learn:

  • Communication modes of choice for different care cycle touchpoints
  • Underlying drivers of shifting preferences
  • The need to build optionality into your patient engagement strategy

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Communication options: More the merrier

Post-pandemic, patients are used to having multiple ‘digital front door’ options to access their healthcare provider.

60% of people expect their healthcare digital experience to mirror that of retail. 55% of patients will seek to switch their healthcare provider if it doesn’t.

Without texting, patients will TTYL

41% of patients are likely to switch providers, if their current provider doesn’t offer text messaging.

Texting has emerged as a powerful channel to relay bite-sized information like appointment reminders and reduce no shows.

Income impacts channel choices

People declaring income below $75K picked conventional channels–phone and text–as their top channels of choice. Those reporting over $100K income seemed adaptive to new channels like online/apps.

This could speak to an accessibility concern based on income, underlining the need to open up more patient communication channels.

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