The Bandwidth Returnship Program

Life is unpredictable & we understand that sometimes returning after a life event or change, you just need a chance. Bandwidth Returnship offers that chance!

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There are many reasons why people leave their jobs, and just as many reasons why they come back to a new career! The Bandwidth Returnship Program is a paid 3-month internship for experienced workers who’ve periodically stepped away from professional life. Whether you’re a returning caregiver, educator, or veteran, Bandwidth’s Returnship is a unique opportunity to revamp and sharpen your skills while transforming your career!


  • Applicants must have been out of the corporate workforce for 3+ years and be looking to re-enter into a full-time role.
  • The reasons for leaving the workforce include, but are not limited to:
    • Family (child care/caring for aging parents)
    • Personal Health Issues
    • Military Service
    • Teaching
  • Applicant must be able to work 40 hours/week during regular business hours throughout the 12-week program.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience preferred.

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Lauren Brochman
I had a very successful career as a corporate restructuring consultant. After years of traveling every week, the opportunity to stay at home with my kids presented itself, and I jumped on it. Ten years later, I missed the camaraderie of working on a team toward a common goal. I joined a “Back to Business” group that helped me with resume building and networking. After switching my LinkedIn to “let recruiters find me,” Bandwidth reached out. I am thankful I found a group that supported my desire to rejoin the workforce full time and I’m proud to be at Bandwidth as they start the Returnship Program.

–Lauren Brochman

Product Manager

Ryan Miller
After eight years of teaching and coaching, I wasn’t happy with the limited amount of time I saw my family. I decided an entry level tech job would still allow me to support my family while also allowing me to see them, so I went to a 9 month intensive training at a technical school. After going to a job fair, I connected with Bandwidth immediately & the rest is history. If I had found a program like Returnship earlier, I could have had to opportunity to change career paths without paying for more education.

–Ryan Miller

Operations Trainer

Anna Kafka
While in the Marine Corps, I learned invaluable, transferable skills on telecommunications and leadership. I made the transition out of the Marines to pursue a career in the private sector to grow and develop outside of my career. The transition was difficult—I wasn’t sure how to adapt and leverage my skills for a company. Bandwidth understood my need for a different type of support while navigating the workplace. I hope other veterans like me can use this Returnship to transition into civilian life while being supported & celebrated by an employer.

–Anna Kafka

Senior Manager of carrier relations

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