Power Amazon Connect with your own cloud native carrier

Bring Bandwidth to manage costs, optimize quality, and add resiliency

For the best solution possible, leave the sexy contact center software duties to Amazon and come directly to Bandwidth to power your toll-free services. We can help you realize a material reduction in the operating costs of your contact centers, mitigate risks in your current setup, and introduce redundancy and resiliency to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Reduce contact center operating costs

Bandwidth is one of the nation’s largest toll-free carriers. We offer a robust Dashboard and suite of APIs, to support large orders and rapid provisioning of toll-free numbers. Our Toll-Free Network gives you a scalable, cost effective way to communicate with your customers, and by coming directly to us for your toll-free services you eliminate the toll-free per minute rate associated with the AWS Connect service.

Mitigate risks and introduce redundancy and resiliency

In addition to utilizing our own Toll-Free Network, we leverage other Tier-1 providers such as CenturyLink, AT&T, and Verizon. This multi-network redundant approach allows for 5x resilience of any other Tier-1 toll-free provider. How? In the event of an outage, our 24×7 NOC will switch out your routes within minutes, mitigating risk and eliminating unnecessary down time, to keep revenue streams flowing as you maintain connection with your customers.

The value of bringing Bandwidth to power Amazon Connect

When you power your contact center platform with Bandwidth’s Toll-Free solution you’ll be able to:

  • Stay all IP, all the time and connect to Cloud Platforms with fewer hops and higher quality
  • Build in max resiliency and redundancy
  • Empower your contact center admins with real-time failover at the IP level
  • Increase visibility into cost centers with APIs
  • Control costs by coming directly to the Toll-Free Network provider
  • Automate and customize with Bandwidth’s CPaaS APIs