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We built our global network differently

Our global IP network connects directly to the PSTN in 60+ countries covering more than 90% of the global economy giving your business the quality, control, and coverage to scale efficiently around the globe.

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Trusted by the Global 2000

The only global communications network that connects you directly to the PSTN in 60+ countries

Unlike network aggregators or local incumbents, our geo-redundant global network connects you directly to the PSTN in 60+ countries, giving you a single point of entry as you scale across the globe.

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What does our global network get you?

  • Direct-to-carrier pricing that cuts out the middleman
  • Future-proof solutions to reduce regulatory complexities
  • Reliable 99.999%* uptime for our core network
  • Network-level geo-redundancy with at least 2 points of presence in each region
  • 500+ interconnection points for flexible, private connectivity from your network to ours

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Competitor networks are fragmented, requiring multiple hops to reach your destination. Bandwidth’s global network cuts out the middleman, so you’re never more than 1 hop from the PSTN.

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A network that helps you navigate complex global regulations

As your enterprise expands into new markets across the world you have to adapt to different regulations in every country you want to do business, and that can slow down your growth. Our direct network approach can help you avoid compliance pitfalls in two critical ways:

Our global team of experts has decades of experience navigating complex regulations everywhere we do business. We stay current with changing regulations worldwide to enable hassle-free global services for your business.

Our platform has built-in checks and balances to help you stay compliant in every market. We work to spell out the info you need for local access in all 60+ countries, so you can get back to business.

Need help navigating complex US-specific regulations?

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Being non-compliant with communications regulations can be a headache.

Why you need to be careful

Trusted by industry leaders and innovators

Bandwidth enables enterprises around the world to send reliable , enterprise-grade voice and messaging in the countries they need. Analysts and industry leaders agree—Bandwidth’s global network is a game changer.

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*99.999% core network uptime is available in the 4 U.S. points of presence; all other points of presence average 99.995% uptime.

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