Voxbone joins the Bandwidth family

November 2, 2020

I am excited and grateful to tell you that moments ago, we completed the transaction to acquire international communications leader, Voxbone. They have  officially joined the Bandwidth family! Earlier this month, we shared our plans to acquire Voxbone, but upon closing, I wanted to reflect here, with each of you.

I’m fortunate to have started this adventure at Bandwidth in a small extra-bedroom 21 years ago, and much more blessed to have been joined by so many incredible people along the way. Those people have carried Bandwidth and our customers to incredible highs, all while loving and serving their Bandmates day in and day out.

Today we welcome about 200 new Bandmates to the team from the UK and Belgium, as well as Ireland, Korea, Romania, Singapore, and the United States. With our combined team of more than 1,000 people all over the world, we’ll be a global orchestra of incredibly diverse and talented people. 

Over the past 15 years, the Voxbone team has built a strong, inspiring business that looks and feels remarkably similar to Bandwidth. Their approach to network ownership and control, their dedication to software tooling and ease of doing business, even their quirkiness—it’s a wonderful mirror of how we operate at Bandwidth today. And with the addition of Voxbone, we accelerate our international strategy by years

This powerful combination of two enterprise communications leaders stands to create a true best-in-class solution. We’ll be able to offer global connectivity at enterprise scale for cloud platforms, mobile applications, and Fortune 1,000 companies. We will become one of the world’s largest all-IP voice networks, and our API platform will power tens of billions of voice minutes, text messages, and emergency calls annually. 

Our network will reach more than 60 countries, representing 93% of the global economy.

This is going to create tremendous opportunity for us and for all of our customers! We’ll have more value to offer, and will be better positioned to support the integration and ongoing operations of global companies. 

If you’re a Bandwidth or Voxbone customer today, you’ll receive regular information from us on what to expect as we bring these two companies together. In the immediate future, very little will change. But soon, we’ll be able to offer you the world! 

Thank you for celebrating with us, walking alongside us, and joining us in our mission to develop and deliver the power to communicate. 

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