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911 Secure


Powerful emergency services solutions for the enterprise

Today’s collaborative enterprise allows for greater flexibility, with employees empowered to move around floors and buildings to work and communicate. This dramatic shift to work-from-anywhere creates real challenges when it comes to providing precise user location at the time of a 911 call.

911 Secure is the leading provider of advanced emergency services for the Avaya enterprise. 911 Secure was founded by industry experts who set out to create comprehensive, cost-effective Enhanced 911 services that can extend the safety of enterprise users with value-added capabilities.

Together, Bandwidth’s nationwide emergency services reach and 911 Secure’s rich location tracking capabilities set a gold standard for on-premise enterprise emergency services.

911 Secure solutions

SENTRY™ Tracker for Avaya Aura

SENTRY™ connects directly to the enterprise Avaya Aura PBX system and maps the IP addresses of phones and network elements such as subnets, WiFi access points, and switches/ports. As users move around the corporate network, SENTRY™  detects their updated IP location, matches this with the appropriate dispatchable location, and delivers this information to Bandwidth for call delivery to public safety.

SENTRY™ Gatekeeper

911 Secure’s device-based software allows users to self-provision a 911 location as they move away from the corporate network to home offices or other remote locations. The intuitive user interface is compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating systems. At user login, Gatekeeper determines whether the IP address of the device has changed, then prompts the end user to:

  • Select a location from a map (using advanced geolocation technology)
  • Confirm a location, elect a previously-used location or enter a new location

SENTRY™ Beacon

Beacon provides 911 call notifications as a prominent on-screen alert so that those closest to the caller can help to improve emergency outcomes. Alerts can be configured to notify designated personnel at each location or at a nationwide operation center serving the entire enterprise. Security and enterprise teams are armed with all the information that public safety also receives during a 911 call including caller name, phone number, and provisioned location. Beacon is available for Microsoft Windows OS, Mac iOS, and Google Android OS.

911 Secure: Powerful emergency services solutions for the enterprise

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