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Global Phone Number Hosting

Navigating numbering regulations from country to country can be exhausting, so we’ve created a global number solution that supports you where it matters most. Did we hear a sigh of relief? Thought so.

Your global expansion easy button

Bandwidth’s global number hosting service allows you to leverage our interconnected network and robust phone number management experience on your own numbers in accordance with new regulations. You can keep everyone happy, regardless of their needs.

Backed by Bandwidth’s global network

Hosting your phone numbers* on the Bandwidth network also provides you access to our global services, which reach over 65 countries. Our in-country connections give you direct access, where you need it most. Check out our coverage page for more details!

*See Supported Countries below

Compliance without the complexity

Our compliance team is devoted to helping you confidently manage your compliance. Our Global Number Hosting solution is purpose-built, so it’s easy to stay compliant and scale amidst new and evolving regulations.

Invest in future compliance

Solidify your global expansion strategy with a number hosting solution that you can grow with, no matter where you’re hosting numbers.

Your numbers. Our network. No problem.

Hosting your global numbers on Bandwidth? You’ll get:

  • The ability to continue providing services to new and existing customers despite regulatory shifts
  • A single portal for number management across hosted and Bandwidth global numbers
  • A full suite of existing calling features
  • Insightful product reporting and analytics
  • Reduced DID spend by using your own numbers, directly allocated by the regulators
  • A proactive approach and competitive offering as other countries adopt similar regulations

Supported country: France

Effective January 1, 2023, you will no longer be able to purchase new Bandwidth services on geographic numbers to resell to your customers (end users) in France, due to regulation n° 2018-0881 and regulation n° 2019-0954 that forbids sub-allocation of numbers.

We are planning to support additional countries as regulatory restrictions evolve.