phone number management

U.S. Local Phone Numbers

Get the local phone numbers your business needs to give it that personal touch. Whether you have locations across the state, region, or nation, give your customers a local, measurable number to call.

Access phone numbers across the nation

Local phone numbers help you do business in a smarter way—whether that’s by giving your nationwide call center a more personal touch when outbound calling, or by using them to connect app users in a more private way over voice or SMS. They’re a great way to add brand personality, context, and privacy in just seconds. And with our easy API, you can add number ordering, provisioning, and porting functionality right into your own interface to deliver an even better user experience.

Get started faster with simple, embeddable phone number provisioning

Whether it’s through our Phone Number Dashboard or by using our flexible APIs, Bandwidth makes it easy to provision local phone numbers manually, in bulk, or automatically in your own interface—you have the power to choose. And because we own our own nationwide network, we have numbers available from sea to shining sea.

Provide the much needed local touch

People want to talk to somebody that they know understands their needs when they call a business. Dialing or texting a local phone number gives them the assurance that they’re going to talk to a real person that can help them with whatever they need. Local numbers from Bandwidth enable your customers to provide that personal, local feeling to their users, while still maintaining a central home base for easy management.

Provide measurable results

Knowing how their marketing efforts are performing is crucial for your customers to know if they’re getting a good ROI. By using a variety of phone numbers linked back to your main call line, you can nail down exactly what tactics, locations, or callers are most effective for your business. Reporting is easily available right in the Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard to track down exactly which phone numbers are getting the most usage.

What can you do with local phone numbers?

Private lines for app users

Connect on-demand or dating app users easily over voice or SMS, while keeping main phone numbers private with a bank of app-specific phone numbers.

Local customer services

Businesses can provide their customers with local numbers to dial or text, delivering a more personal experience and better response rates.

Marketing ROI

Measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts with phone numbers assigned to different channels or campaigns, including print, TV, radio, and online.

Search marketing

Optimize for local search results with phone numbers for each business location, all easily managed from a central location