How to deliver great CX without sacrificing communications security

You’ll Learn:
  • How security impacts your CX strategy, and ways to balance both across communication channels
  • Strategies to maintain security and reliability during a cloud migration
  • Ways to delight your customers and build a best-in-class brand experience
Your organization’s customer experience is impacted and protected by security. You can’t prioritize one without weaving in the other.

Join Adam Covati, GM/SVP of Customer Experience at Bandwidth, and Sorrel Slaymaker, Principal Consulting Analyst at TechVision Research, to get actionable tips and strategies to deliver secure connections across your communications channels while delivering on your organization’s CX promises.



Adam Covati

GM/SVP of Customer Experience, Bandwidth

Adam Covati is GM/SVP of Customer Experience at Bandwidth, Inc. His team’s mission is to enable Bandwidth to provide customers with an amazing global customer experience via robust internal enablement platforms & competitive customer-facing offerings. Adam has over 20 years of experience building, managing, and selling communication and SaaS solutions for the enterprise. One of his past accomplishments was a stint as Founder and CEO of Argyle Social, a social media management service which was later sold to Teradata. Adam is a passionate creator and when he’s not at his day job, he likes to keep busy by working with other startup junkies incubating ideas, dabbling in woodworking, and setting up too many raspberry pi’s. He also manages to have time left over to get outdoors with his wife and two little girls.


Sorrell Slaymakers

Principal Consulting Analyst, TechVision Research

Sorell Slaymaker has 30 years of experience designing, building, securing, and operating IP networks and the communication services that run across them. His mission is to help make communication easier, cheaper and more secure since he believes that the more we communicate, the better we are. Prior to joining TechVision Research, Sorell was an Evangelist for 128 Technology which is a routing and security software company. Prior to that, Sorell was a Gartner analyst covering enterprise networking, security, and communications.