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Provision Toll-Free Numbers Instantly & Move Your Business Forward

Companies no longer rely on a single toll-free number…they now use thousands for everything from customer support, to ad tracking, to click-to-call applications and more. As one of the nation’s largest VoIP network operators, Bandwidth supports businesses across the U.S. as the Responsible Organization (RespOrg) for millions of toll-free numbers.

Bandwidth is one of the nation’s largest RespOrgs and offers robust Dashboards and APIs to support large orders and rapid provisioning of toll-free numbers. In fact, your Bandwidth Toll-Free calls can be up and running with just a few clicks of a mouse.

With Bandwidth Toll-Free, you get:

  • Robust solution leveraging several of the nation’s largest toll-free networks
  • Numbers provisioned in minutes via APIs and web tools
  • 24 x 7 Network Operation Centers (NOC)
  • Unrivaled customer support
  • Multiple pricing models (Flat Rate or Rate Decks based on NPA/NXX and LATA OCN) to meet your specific needs
  • The ability to text with your customers via our A2P Messaging service

Multiple Toll-Free Networks = More Benefits for You

By leveraging several of the nation’s largest toll-free networks, Bandwidth has created the ability to deliver diversity, resiliency, and cost savings for our customers. As the managing RespOrg, we have the ability to completely remove a network from route in the event of a service interruption or outage. We can create routing plans based on flat rate, originating LATA, OCN, or originating NPANXX based on our customers’ needs.

How Number Provisioning Works

With Bandwidth, you have the option to provision numbers via our convenient online Dashboard, or via API integration with your existing platform. All available numbers have received zero calls within the preceding four weeks, so you don’t have to worry about spam issues. Additionally, our API provides access for real-time IP endpoint management and real-time disconnect.

Within the Bandwidth Dashboard or through our API, we offer multiple inventory search options, such as:

  • Any/Random Search: Get toll-free numbers by quantity, e.g. “I need five new toll-free numbers.”
  • Vanity Search: Have a specific word appear in your toll-free number, such as 855-VOIP PRO.
  • Wildcard Search: Order toll-free numbers by prefix such as 855, 866, etc.

Just the Facts

  • Bandwidth manages million numbers, representing ~10% of all active toll-free numbers in SMS800
  • Default service area includes Canada, USA50, and the Caribbean
  • Delivering credibility, reliability, and support for both wholesale and enterprise accounts
  • Owned Featured group ‘D’ network
  • 120 On-net markets and growing
  • 2nd largest RespOrg in the U.S.
  • Hands-off 5x carrier redundancy at the network core
  • Call Assure™️ for hands-off toll-free disaster recovery
Provision Toll-Free Numbers Instantly & Move Your Business Forward

Partner with Us

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