Selecting the right CCaaS for our post-pandemic reality

In this session, we'll cover:
  • What you should look for in a CCaaS solution
  • Who are the top CCaaS platforms today
  • Questions to ask yourself (and your vendors!) to help make the right decision

In 2020’s mad dash of COVID-induced cloud migration, enterprises picked a solution and signed a contract. Now, many of those contracts have (or are about to) expire—bringing the ability to move to a new CCaaS solution.

If you’re considering a cloud-to-cloud migration, you’re in good company. 3 in 5 enterprises plan to evaluate or actively migrate from one contact center platform to another in 2024. Bandwidth is here to help by providing an overview of things to consider when evaluating a CCaaS platform, so that you can make an informed decision that is going to best fit your business.

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Elijah Robertson

Director, Product Management, Bandwidth

Elijah Robertson is an experienced product leader who specializes in roadmap for business, driving and executing product vision. He focuses on delivering cross functional collaboration between company and customers to deliver successful measurable results. He’s a lead on the enterprise market offer, focusing on visualizing and delivering various communication platform services. A few of Elijah’s specialities include managing roadmap, managing partners and multi platform technical integrations.

Terry Stocking

Contact Center and AI Solutions Specialist

Terry has 35 years of experience in Telecom and 20 years experience in Contact Centers. He came to Bandwidth from Genesys where he was a Solution Architect who specialized in Connectivity, Reliability and Global scalability for Contact Centers. He also ran the Network and Telecom Engineering organization for Genesys Engage Cloud based Contact Center offering. Today, Terry is a Bandwidth Solution Engineer that specializes in Contact Center and AI for Enterprise Customers.