Bandwidth Messaging AMA

You’ll Learn:
  • Best Practices for 10DLC registrations
  • Toll Free Verification changes and impacts
  • Breaking down industry best practices for messaging use cases

Attaining a remarkable customer experience in messaging is not just possible, but imperative, and requires a confident hand to navigate the complexities of the industry. To avoid being bogged down in operational intricacies, unnecessary surcharges, or scalability constraints in your messaging strategy, how do you distinguish fact from fiction? With a messaging partner that has done the heavy lifting for you.


Emily Champion headshot

Emily Champion

Product Manager, Bandwidth

Emily has been at Bandwidth for 4 years, overseeing A2P messaging development and helping customers navigate toll-free and 10DLC regulation changes. As a product manager, she leads the development efforts for anything it takes to get a number ready to send a message. Emily came to Bandwidth because of her love of working directly with customers to solve problems and the emphasis Bandwidth places on customer service. Now, she is able to apply that passion and serve as a customer advocate during conversations with industry partners for 10DLC, Toll Free and Short Code improvements and changes.

Caitlin Long headshot

Caitlin Long

Director, Commercial Product Management

Caitlin manages the P&L for messaging products at Bandwidth, as well as the go to market implications of the commercial product roadmap. A storyteller by trade, she has a passion for evangelizing real world use cases, and specializes in translating technical product information for Bandwidth’s customers and partners. Caitlin has worked in the tech industry in various voice and messaging product roles for over a decade. When she leaves the office she continues her passion for teaching as a yoga instructor.

Alyssia Summers

Senior Manager, Messaging Traffic Assurance

Known for their innovative approach, Alyssia Summers stands at the forefront as a Messaging Traffic Assurance Manager, ensuring seamless and secure messaging operations for organizations navigating the digital landscape. She has accumulated a wealth of experience in managing and optimizing messaging traffic on behalf of Bandwidth customers. Having honed her skills in diverse environments, she brings a unique blend of strategist thinking and hands-on expertise to safeguarding messaging channels.

Jacqueline Sarkies

Product Manager, Messaging

Jacqueline joined the Bandwidth team back in 2021 with over 15 years of management experience in operations. With her extensive knowledge with management, she has been able to grow her understanding of messaging communications, while assisting customers and internal teams to be successful with the tools Bandwidth offers. After a year with Bandwidth, Jacqueline shifted to her current role which has her more Product focused, representing Bandwidth in the Messaging Industry.