The Bandwidth
Returnship Program

Life is unpredictable & we understand that sometimes returning after a life event or change, you just need a chance. Bandwidth Returnship offers that chance!

About the Returnship program

There are many reasons why people leave their jobs, and just as many reasons why they come back to a new career! The Bandwidth Returnship Program is a paid internship (duration of the program depends on the team and business need) for experienced workers looking to enter/re-enter the corporate workforce. Whether you have taken a step away from professional life to be a caregiver or are a veteran/teacher who wants to transition into the tech industry—our Returnship is a unique opportunity to revamp and sharpen your skills, update your resume, and transform your career!


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited university or college
  • Must be available 40 hours/week during the internship
  • Must provide your own transportation
  • Selected candidates will have the opportunity to apply for subsidized housing
  • Internships are offered onsite at our Raleigh, NC and Denver, CO office locations
  • Applicants must be human (sorry, no exceptional Golden Retrievers)

Returnship success stories

Lauren Brochman headshot
Lauren Brochman
Product Manager

“I had a very successful career as a corporate restructuring consultant. After years of traveling every week, the opportunity to stay at home with my kids presented itself, and I jumped on it. Ten years later, I missed the camaraderie of working on a team toward a common goal. I joined a “Back to Business” group that helped me with resume building and networking. After switching my LinkedIn to “let recruiters find me,” Bandwidth reached out. I am thankful I found a group that supported my desire to rejoin the workforce full time and I’m proud to be at Bandwidth as they start the Returnship Program.”

Christina Dohrmann headshot
Christina Dohrmann
Marketing Programs and Events Specialist

“As a parent trying to navigate re-entry into the workforce, I wanted to find a company where I could work hard and then disconnect to spend time with my family. Bandwidth’s Returnship was the perfect fit. I enjoyed the challenging work, learned new things every day, and got to enjoy my family in the evening. In the marketing team, I found a team that was pivotal in helping me thrive and grow professionally!”

Anna Kafka headshot
Anna Kafka
Senior Manager of Carrier Relations

“While in the Marine Corps, I learned invaluable, transferable skills on telecommunications and leadership. I made the transition out of the Marines to pursue a career in the private sector to grow and develop outside of my career. The transition was difficult—I wasn’t sure how to adapt and leverage my skills for a company. Bandwidth understood my need for a different type of support while navigating the workplace. I hope other veterans like me can use this Returnship to transition into civilian life while being supported & celebrated by an employer.”

Is Bandwidth your next gig?

If you thrive in a high-energy environment where you will do interesting work that matters in a super-fun and supportive environment, then this is the place for you.