Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to include on my exemption certificates?

  • Name
  • Legal Name (and d/b/a if applicable)
  • All billing account numbers
  • Appropriate state/local/regulatory account numbers
  • Signature

I notice taxes on my invoice and I should be exempt. What do I need to do?

Simple! Just contact us using the form on this page. Be sure to list the specific taxes from which you feel you should be exempted and list account number(s) with your question or comments. We will check our records and contact you with a resolution within one business day.

I submitted my forms. Will I get a credit for the previous invoices that were taxed?

Once your exemption or resale certificates are approved, the applicable credit(s) will be applied to your next generated invoice.

How often do I have to renew my certificates?

We request all customers complete or update their exemption certificates annually. This ensures customers are being exempted and taxed accurately.

What happens if I submit my forms but still get taxed?

If you feel you are still being taxed incorrectly, please fill out the contact form on this page and send your supporting documentation to

What is a 499 filer ID?

The 499 filer ID is the number used in the filing of your FCC forms 499 A/Q. Information on how to obtain a 499 filer ID can be found here:

Where do I get the exemption number for each state for my exemption certificates?

In general, the exemption number is your registration or account number used in the filing of the tax/fee for which you are seeking exemption. For example, if you are seeking a sales tax exemption in North Carolina, you will use your North Carolina sales tax account number. If you are seeking a sales tax exemption in Rhode Island, you will enter your FEIN (the state of Rhode Island does not issue sales tax account numbers). You can contact The Department of Revenue for the jurisdiction in question for additional information.