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The same great Bandwidth network, in your browser

Let your browser do the talkin’

If you’re leveraging the flexibility and power of WebRTC, or looking to start, you can now send your audio through Bandwidth. Don’t let your telecom infrastructure (or lack thereof) limit the way your users communicate. Yeah, we support Opus.

Here’s what our audio-based WebRTC connection can do:

  • Variable bit rate so you stay connected even if your bandwidth decreases
  • 1-to-1 calling or conference calls
  • Recording, transcriptions, text-to-speech, and more
  • Embed directly into iOS or Android apps, no need for a browser
  • Reliable connection to PSTN

Empower users all over the globe to open up a browser (or an app) and get calling. No telecom infrastructure required.

Connecting to the PSTN is easy

Whether you’re using an API or have your own WebRTC stack, we know one of the trickiest parts is the PSTN interconnect. Lucky for you that’s exactly what we do. Our telecom expertise and Tier 1, all IP voice network let you focus on your business—and leave the telephony piece to us.

Legendary Partnerships

Why send your WebRTC audio through Bandwidth? Well, our WebRTC platform rides right on top of the Bandwidth Network—the network that the brands like Google and Microsoft build on because of our legendary partnership and support.

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