9-1-1 Dynamic Location Routing

Accuracy mattersin an emergency

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Save Time in an Emergency with Accurate Location Data

In a crisis situation, every second matters. Ensuring that emergency personnel arrive at the correct location can mean the difference between life and death, which is why Bandwidth’s Dynamic Location Routing is critical for your 9-1-1 services. Our location routing services provide dispatchers with accurate location data, allowing them to send help whether you’re at home, in the office, or across the country.

911 dispatcher confirms caller address location
Laptop showing dynamic 911 caller location on a map

Empowering 9-1-1 Dispatchers with Accurate, Fast Information

9-1-1 dispatchers can’t always ask those in need where they are, which makes accurate location information provided by the call even more critical. Bandwidth’s sophisticated 9-1-1 technology utilizes PIDF-LO (Presence Information Data Format-Location Object) to provide dispatchers with accurate location information in an emergency before they answer the call, allowing them to send help to where you are, and not just where your phone is registered.

Essential 9-1-1 technology built for massive scale

Essential 9-1-1 technology built for massive scale

Deliver more information at the time of the 9-1-1 call, like building number, office name, or even security system codes.

Colleges or university campuses

No matter where a student is located, they can get help quickly with exact campus location information, including dorm room location, or security codes.

Multi-dwelling housing units

Give emergency services the information they need to find the right apartment building and unit number to ensure help arrives quickly.

Mobile app users

If an emergency's happening at home, and your users are away, stay connected to local emergency dispatch for fast, accurate help.

Connected home device users

Deliver the right address information - even without a phone number.

Make every second count

Explore more about how Bandwidth’s Dynamic Location Routing gives emergency personnel the information they need to save lives.

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