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E911 Dynamic Location Routing

E911 Dynamic Location Routing

Bandwidth’s innovation in emergency services helps to answer the essential question: where are my users at the time they make a 911 call?

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Brands trust Bandwidth when emergency services are critical

Modern enterprises need a modern 911 solution

More organizations are abandoning their expensive desk phones for softphones, giving users the flexibility to move around, collaborate, and work remotely. But all of this mobility creates real challenges when it comes to determining exactly where they are when they make a 911 call.

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The challenge mobility causes

Traditional solutions for desktop phones rely on a preprovisioned address for the user, but what happens if they have the flexibility to move? Instead of assigning a static 911 location to each user, Bandwidth’s E911 Dynamic Location Routing (DLR) solution leverages a user’s location at the time of the call.

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How our solution solves it

When a call is placed, DLR pairs the caller’s information with their current location using defined network elements such as subnets, WiFi access points, and Ethernet switches/ports. This information is then used to route the call and is made available for display at the destination public safety answering point (PSAP).

RAY BAUM’s Act and dispatchable location

During a 911 call, every second counts. Imagine first responders pulling up to a large complex enterprise or campus with only a street address to guide them to a 911 caller. Public safety relies on more granular information such as a building, floor, room, or suite to respond faster to emergencies.

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Learn more about RAY BAUM’s Act and other 911 regulations from
911 expert Thomas Ginter.

What it requires

RAY BAUM’s Act requires that 911 calls from multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) include a “dispatchable location.” According to the FCC, that is “a location delivered to the PSAP with a 911 call that consists of the validated street address of the calling party, plus additional information such as suite, apartment, or similar information necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling party.”

Breaking it down

To better understand that, think of trying to get directions. If you’ve ever circled a complex looking for your actual destination, you’ve experienced the difference between an address and a dispatchable location. You got close, but that extra specificity made all the difference.

Where DLR comes in

While provisioning dispatchable location for fixed VoIP phones is straightforward, users with softphones require new solutions like DLR to meet the requirements of RAY BAUM’s Act for nomadic VoIP (deadline of January 6, 2022).

Learn more about Ray Baum’s act

Use cases for a safer enterprise

Higher education and healthcare

Higher Ed & Healthcare

DLR provides the critical details to help first responders navigate large campuses and buildings to reach those in need fast.

Telematics and IoT

Telematics and IoT

With DLR, device-based latitude/longitude (X,Y) is converted to a civic address for an optimal public safety response.

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Move all your users to Teams with E911 fully supported and powered by Bandwidth’s DLR. 

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Webex Calling

Connect your Webex Calling users to the PSTN with Bandwidth's owned and operated resilient network.

Why use Bandwidth for E911 Dynamic Location Routing?

Supporting nomadic users requires a deep understanding of both technology and regulations. Rely on Bandwidth’s team of experts for:

Person location iconA modern 911 solution that identifies the user’s network location at the time of the call
Shield iconReliable emergency call routing to public safety in the U.S. and Canada
Dashboard iconSimple location management through our portal, APIs, or bulk upload
Rabbit iconNear real-time address validation and error correction (in MSAG format)
Building iconSolutions that support both state and federal regulations
Beaker icon“933” testing capabilities to reduce impact on public safety
Cloud iconNext Generation-911 capabilities

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