Switching to a Twilio alternative

Whether you're looking for more responsive support or pricing that scales, here's how to migrate successfully.

So you’re thinking of migrating from Twilio to a new CPaaS provider. Maybe you’re looking for more control over your call quality, or perhaps you’ve outgrown Twilio’s pricing structure; no matter the reason, it’s worth your time to explore Twilio alternatives.

But before you dive into migrating, there are a few things and steps to consider.

Three reasons to consider a Twilio alternative

There are many reasons why you might be hitting a product roadblock with Twilio. We’ve seen frequent use cases:

Costs ?

Twilo doesn’t own its network, so it can’t offer direct-to-network. 

Scale ?

Your product is evolving faster than Twilio’s APIs can keep up with. 

Support ?

Twilio’s lack of technical support is causing product disruption and delays.

If you are experiencing these growing pains, it might be time to look at other Twilio alternatives. 

Three steps to migrate from Twilio

You know you want to look at other Twilio alternatives, but you’re unsure where to start. Fortunately, it’s as easy as one, two, three! 

Here are some steps to remember during your research process:

1. Learn & document API differences

 Every provider differs in how they allow users to accomplish tasks. These differences include incoming calls and messages, number ordering, and hangup events.

Additionally, while just about every CPaaS provider has a VoiceXML (VXML), some offer a REST API and Callback option. Identifying those differences makes the rest of the process smoother.

2. Determine & scope out necessary changes

Once you’ve identified the differences between other provider offerings of APIs and Twilio’s, it’s time to scope out any changes you’ll need to make. While most of the call logic should remain the same, you should focus time on three main areas:

  • CallState Events
  • Message Events
  • Database changes

These areas tend to have the most variation between CPaaS providers, and focusing there will help streamline your migration.

3. Implement the changes

Time to make the switch! ?

After selecting a Twilio alternative, you’re ready to implement the changes and complete the migration. A few things to keep in mind:

  • A keen eye for detail is the key to success in making the changes
  • The switch can take as little as a week for simple migrations with a single engineer.
  •  More complicated call flows can take a month or so with a team of developers
  • And don’t forget…CLEAN CODE = STABLE CODE 

Find your Twilio alternative

Changing communications partners is not an easy decision, but hopefully, you can find a solution that offers top-tier support, competitive pricing, and ideal scalability with the right resources. 

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