Click-to-call, also known as “click-to-dial” or “click-to-talk,” is a feature that lets your website or mobile app users initiate a phone call by clicking a button or link.

Click-to-call lets you eliminate manually dialing a phone number to give customers quick, convenient communication channels for your business. Your contact center should be THE place to resolve customer needs—and when customers are having trouble, removing obstacles between them and their solutions can make a big impact. 

The benefits of click-to-call

You do a web search, find a business, and now you want to call them. You could copy and paste the phone number, or you could write it down with a pen and paper you probably don’t have, but somewhere along the way you get distracted and forget to call the business. 

Remove barriers to communication

By embedding click-to-call solutions within your applications or websites, customers can quickly and easily call your business without another device. 

Empower real-time resolution

Click-to-call drives engagement from applications your users are already on, whether connecting with your call center or calling a specific location. 

Convert website traffic into calls

With click-to-call, a simple button click makes it easy for users to call directly from your website.  By reducing the chance for users not to call you and instead giving them an easy trackable path to connect, linking those numbers to your website and marketing automation software.

Improve tracking and visibility

Click-to-call services make customer interactions more trackable. Associate certain content, leads, departments, or anything else with a particular phone number, so you can calculate ROI and know what’s performing well.

How to use click-to-call

There are many ways to add click-to-call to your software and websites, depending on the platform or device used. First, you need a WebRTC API for In-App Calling. Once you’ve picked your in-app calling software, you can deploy the functionality in-app or in-browser.

One click should initiate a voice call directly from your website or application. Uber uses click-to-call software to connect their drivers with riders via masked numbers, so users can easily communicate with each other. 

How to use click-to-call across industries
  1. UC Service providers: Develop click-to-call functionality within your UC/UCaaS mobile app, enabling your users to call from within the app, creating a better, smoother user experience for your customers.  
  2. Software & product developers: Enable easy in-app or in-software calling, allowing users to call their dog walker, find out when their food is going to be delivered, or give directions to their driver.
  3. Healthcare: Get patients connected to the right person with click-to-call. Route calls directly to their doctor, with in-app calling that helps them get the answers to their health questions answered faster.
  4. Education: Make it easier for alumni to reach out, students to get important financial questions answered quickly, connect to the library, or call admissions to make sure they’re enrolled for the next semester.