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Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG)

The Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG) is a database managed by Telcordia which provides information regarding owned NPA-NXX at the block level. The LERG is updated monthly and highlights the call routing activity that occurs over the PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network) by service providers.



How is Bandwidth Involved with LERG

Bandwidth provides a cloud-based Route Intelligence platform that enables call routing. Since the LERG is a database that reports call routing activity over the PTSN, Bandwidth’s routing activity would be recorded as one of the service providers.


What are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Involvement with LERG

Bandwidth’s call routing services allow for businesses to utilize cloud software in order to automate the call routing process. The introduction of cloud-based call routing is an advancement in the telecommunications industry. Call routing can now be customized, more easily accessed, and come with cost savings due to cloud capabilities.



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