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SIP Trunk

A SIP trunk is an IP-based connection between a user’s telephone system and an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). It’s used for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions such as VoIP telephone calls. In addition, SIP trunks can also carry SMS and MMS messages, 911/E911 emergency calls, and other SIP based, real-time communications services.

How is Bandwidth Involved with SIP Trunking

Bandwidth provides SIP trunking services so our customers can deliver communication services. Bandwidth owns and operates the network and provisions a variety of communication services in addition to SIP Trunking. Bandwidth’s cloud-based communications API platform offers our customers the ability to integrate voice, messaging, 911 access, and phone numbers into their platforms. This gives businesses the ability to bring their customers closer to what matters most to them.

What are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s SIP Trunking

Industry leaders such as Google Voice rely on Bandwidth because of our record of stability, innovation, and growth. Additionally, Bandwidth’s reliability is known to be exceptional. We are one of a limited number of companies trusted to provide E911 in the entire United States.

Bandwidth is able to meet these challenges because we are a Tier 1 carrier. We own the network; billions of minutes each year run over our Nationwide CLEC. Compare that to most SIP providers, who are resellers that rely on several carriers; when you call their help desks, all they can do is open a ticket with their carriers and wait. But when you call Bandwidth, you are talking directly to the people who can solve your problem. Since we control everything on our networks, we already know about your problem and are actively working on it before you have even picked up your phone.

But that won’t happen too often; Bandwidth is committed to providing the best service and support to our customers. Bandwidth is among the nation’s largest and fastest-growing communication technology companies. We are the SIP provider you can count on to deliver affordability, scalability, and service.