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SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) helps businesses of all sizes cost-effectively consolidate their local and long distance services onto a single circuit with dynamic bandwidth allocation. Bandwidth’s best-in-class SIP Trunking Service is delivered over our Tier 1 network.

When you move from T1 or copper to SIP, you get unlimited reach when adding new users—and with Bandwidth’s flexible pricing options, you’ll never pay more than what you need.

We work with a large number of interop partners. For more info, call a SIP Trunking account executive at 919-297-1086 today.

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Our SIP Trunking Features

Inbound calling and outbound calling

Toll-free support

Domestic and international long distance

Expanded local calling

E9-1-1 support

White page listing

24x7 Network Operation Centers (NOC)

Multiple pricing models

Inbound caller ID and location

4-1-1 and operator services

Taking the complexity out of telecom

When you purchase SIP from Bandwidth, you enjoy a degree of control that you won’t get from most other providers because we own the nationwide, all-IP network. Plus our support team is always available, 24×7, 365 days a year to assist you every step of the way.

We fully interoperate with the finest IP PBX vendors in the world.

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Why are today’s businesses choosing SIP trunks?

SIP is a great option for businesses that are looking for a cost-effective way to transition from a traditional PBX phone system to IP. Virtually any business can enjoy the benefits of SIP including:

Cost Savings

Enjoy the cost savings of converging your local and long distance onto a single circuit with dynamic bandwidth allocation.

Time Savings

Dedicated and knowledgeable Bandwidth technicians, installation teams and customer support specialists assure rapid deployment.

A Simplified Network

Experience the efficiency of managing a single network connection, receiving one bill and engaging one point of contact for all your telecom needs.

Seamless Integration

Preserve your existing capabilities via seamless integration with your existing SIP IP PBX system. Check here to see a partial list of the vendors we support.

A Better Way to Grow

When you grow, adding more SIP Trunks is easy, and happens in days, not weeks. SIP Trunks can be installed and turned up remotely so you do not have to slow down.

Ready, Set, Go

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See how you can use Bandwidth SIP Trunking to consolidate your business costs.

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