BYOC: Unified communications & 911

Migraine-free UCaaS migrations

Bring unmatched control, flexibility, and reliability to your unified communications and conferencing solutions with Bandwidth’s award-winning UCaaS Integrations.

Move employee communications to the cloud

Keep your workforce collaborative and connected by unbundling telephony from UCaaS and bringing your own carrier (BYOC).

Microsoft Teams

Our comprehensive Direct Routing and Operator Connect solutions include global voice, Microsoft-certified 911, award-winning texting, and white-glove support.

Webex Calling

Bandwidth’s Cisco-Certified connectivity for Cloud Connect and Local Gateway let you achieve the hybrid or pure cloud stack you need. 

Zoom Phone

Power your Zoom Phone telephony with Bandwidth for Cloud Peering or Premises Peering connectivity. 

RingCentral MVP

Use RingCentral’s market-leading UCaaS solutions with Bandwidth’s network for your voice and emergency services. 

Simplify your UCaaS migrations with BYOC

Keep your hybrid workforce connected and safe, wherever they’re working from, by going direct to Bandwidth.

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How BYOC works

Calling costs giving you sticker shock? Migrations giving you migraines? Unbundle calling from your UCaaS platform for a pain-free move to the cloud.

Solve enterprise 911 location management

BYOC helps you solve 911 compliance with RAY BAUM’s Act and Kari’s Law with the tools to place a successful 911 call:

Explore enterprise 911

Powering 100% of UCaaS Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders

  • “Advanced 911 was critical to us, and we selected Bandwidth as our Direct Routing provider because they’re already powering SIP and dynamic E911 capabilities directly within Microsoft Teams.”

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  • “It’s a comfort knowing that we have that extra network resilience, and we’re no longer tied to specific locations. We’ve also seen financial gains while moving our traffic to Bandwidth, just from dismantling our old infrastructure.”

  • “Going direct-to-carrier and eliminating another layer of troubleshooting with a reseller was something we knew we wanted to do, and working with the carrier behind Google, RingCentral, and Microsoft made the choice even easier.”

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  • “Send-To by Bandwidth has become a key part of our Microsoft Teams environment. It is secure, easy to deploy, and gives us the simplicity of one provider for voice and messaging through Bandwidth as our Direct Routing partner for Microsoft Teams.”

  • “Our work with Bandwidth expands enterprise access to the latest advances in machine learning that improve fidelity and sentiment recognition for global voice calls.”

UCaaS Integrations for every industry

Finance & banking

Unmatched reliability and disruption-free operations for cloud migrations, mergers, and acquisitions.


All the building blocks you need for holistic, system-wide communication: voice, phone numbers, text messaging, and 911.

Hospitality & tourism

Simplify telephony around the world with global SIP, emergency, and direct-to-carrier control.