Termination/outbound calling

Author: Anagha Ravi

Termination/outbound calling services provide users and their service providers with the ability to make outbound voice calls to a recipient’s phone number.

How Bandwidth is Involved with termination/outbound calling

Our termination service provides the highest quality VoIP termination to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and mobile networks in the industry. Through our on network (on-net) footprint, peering arrangements, and buying power, Bandwidth can terminate your local, interstate, intrastate, and international calls at very competitive rates.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s termination/outbound Calling

Bandwidth offers:

  • Termination of local, interstate and intrastate, and international calls
  • Intelligent routing and direct carrier peering
  • Termination of VoIP-originated minutes via a TDM or IP handoff
  • Access to Directory Assistance, 5-1-1, 7-1-1, and 8-1-1
  • Public or private SIP interconnection for IP voice traffic
  • Full geographic redundancy
  • 24 x 7 Network Operation Centers (NOC)
  • Unrivaled customer support
  • Multiple pricing models to meet your specific needs