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Outbound Calling

Outbound Calling

High quality VoIP termination worldwide with fewer hops, better answer rates, and our acclaimed regulatory expertise

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The most demanding platforms use bandwidth

VoIP on your terms

Regardless of where you get your numbers,send VoIP traffic worldwide through visible, high-quality routing—all from the convenience of portals and APIs. With us, you have the power of full PSTN replacement in 38+ countries and differentiated regulatory expertise in your corner.


Global-ready communications

Deliver higher quality calls with fewer hops, creating a better end-user to end-user experience. Our network reaches 65+ countries, with redundancy and a reliable PSTN connection where it matters the most.


Reliable network reach

Simplify scaling. Reach over 90% of the global economy with at least 99.9%* core network uptime worldwide. Consolidate confidently with a global network that has points of presence spread out worldwide.

Phone call

Engineered for the cloud future

Bandwidth’s cloud-first, all-IP voice network has been built from the ground up for the cloud future. Our VoIP Termination enables your business to eliminate the pains of jumping on and off the PSTN for a truly reliable call experience.

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Quality made operationally easy

Bandwidth’s Enhanced Voice Transit routes your outbound calls directly to the most competitive markets from your non-Bandwidth numbers, supporting localized CLI presentation. See improved answer rates and grab insights straight from our portal while you wait to port.

Balance quality, cost, and flexibility

Your business needs quality voice calling, and to manage costs. Why not do both?

We help you manage costs with customizable, competitive service options for on-net, local, long distance, and international calling. Pair this with more direct end-user to end-user calling and you have a truly cost-effective, high quality VoIP termination solution to suit your exact needs.

Experts & support

Why pay extra for support that’s underwhelming at best?

To have a successful VoIP service, you need industry veterans by your side, who can provide support and recommendations for your specific needs, not just cookie-cutter responses. This is where our built-in support comes in. Whether it’s global VoIP termination or ‘glocal’ regulatory expertise, our experts are committed to over-delivering on support with:

  • 24/7 proactive Network Operations Center (NOC)

  • Technical Assistance Center (TAC) with 98% CSAT score

  • Customer-driven prioritization of support tickets

  • Clear, always available escalation paths

How are companies using
Bandwidth’s VoIP Termination?

Reselling as a value added service

Adding Bandwidth VoIP termination to your value-added services allows you to spend more time focusing on service and support for your customers like MetTel and SpectrumVoIP do.

Powering VoIP calls in their UC/CC/CPaaS platforms

Software companies like RingCentral, GoTo, and Microsoft Teams rely on Bandwidth for high-quality voice termination through direct-to-carrier, customizable solutions when powering their communications platforms.

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Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

BYOC programs let large enterprises with multiple (and often global) offices, like Inclusa, rely on Bandwidth directly for outbound business calling in their corporate employee and contact center agent communications.

Two-factor authentication icon

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Quickly add 2FA to your application with one simple API that uses carrier-grade voice and messaging to deliver peace of mind to your customers.

Outbound Voice Notifications

Ensure important messages are actually received by sending alerts, reminders, and notifications with voice calling.

What to look for in a voice provider

Learn how some of our customers use Bandwidth VoIP termination

Aircall increased their global reach 3-5x with Bandwidth’s compliant solutions.

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customer spectrumvoip graphic

Discover why SpectrumVoIP trusts Bandwidth to underpin their cloud UC solutions.

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Looking to integrate with a better VoIP termination provider?

Whether you’re looking to consolidate to a single VoIP termination provider or want quality VoIP termination even with no-Bandwidth numbers-attached, Bandwidth’s outbound voice products give you the balance of quality and cost that other providers just can’t match. Get in touch with our team to get a quote and see the advantages of working directly with a VoIP network owner.

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*The enterprises we serve have enjoyed at least 99.9% network uptime during the twelve-month period ending June 30, 2021

Outbound Calling