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Get text messaging that’s moved beyond text. Send multimedia text messages that engage your audience with video, audio, GIFs, and more.

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Don’t just tell—show

Bandwidth’s MMS API enables you to send powerful, engaging text messages using popular
multimedia formats.

Toll-free number

Available on toll-free and other numbers

Send multimedia messages using your existing numbers, including toll-free and local numbers. Short code MMS available soon.

Phone with two people chatting

Send more engaging messages

Move beyond simple text messages. Send highly-engaging texts with images, video, audio, GIFs, and more.

Green circle with a dollar sign

A cost-effective way to send large messages

Whether you’re sending one character or 1,000, MMS messaging costs the same. Send large text messages over MMS to improve your business’ ROI on text messaging.

Create a more engaging experience with MMS

Give your customers a rich, engaging messaging experience by adding the ability to embed video, images, audio, and more.

  • High-volume support over all number types
  • Bring your own number capabilities
  • Reliable delivery
  • Bi-directional unicode
  • Redundant network
  • Real-time delivery receipts
  • 100+ MPS capabilities
  • Recommended file size limit of 500kb

Leverage MMS in innovative new ways

Enable your users to use the full capabilities of their mobile devices and create a better, more engaging customer experience.

Industry education

With MMS you can create a better, more engaging text messaging
experience for your customers.

require ‘bandwidth’

include Bandwidth
include Bandwidth::Messaging

bandwidth_client =
    messaging_basic_auth_user_name: ‘username’,
    messaging_basic_auth_password: ‘password’

messaging_client = bandwidth_client.messaging_client.client

account_id = ‘1’
body =
body.application_id = ‘1-2-3’ = [‘+17777777777’]
body.from = ‘+18888888888’
body.text = ‘Hello from Bandwidth’ = [“”]

messaging_client.create_message(account_id, :body => body)

Sending messages with our MMS API is easy.
Check out our developer docs to learn more.

A network built for developers

Why rent when you can own? Most messaging platforms simply rent network space from carriers. Bandwidth is different. We give you carrier-grade features like real-time delivery receipts, error codes, and industry-leading support that help you increase deliverability, reduce costs, and build a better product.

A better approach to support

Our approach to support is different than the competitions—we focus on making sure you’re successful. Our dedicated support team of industry vets has the knowledge and experience to tackle the most demanding telecom situations, as well as the tools and processes to ensure your success and satisfaction. You’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t have the same approach.

  • Dedicated support to help you every step of the way
  • Assigned single point of contact with all products
  • 24/7 proactive Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • 98% CSAT delivering Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Expert business development managers to help you navigate your changing needs
  • A dedicated team of porting experts so you have an easy migration experience

A more engaging messaging experience

Give your users the media-rich text messaging experience they deserve with our MMS API. Talk to a Bandwidth expert today and see how your business can create a more engaging experience.

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Frequently asked questions

What does MMS stand for?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service.

What is an MMS API?

An MMS API (application programming interface), allows a software developer to easily integrate the ability to send and receive multimedia messages via wireless networks into their software or application. A multimedia message or MMS is different from SMS in that it contains a media attachment, instead of just plain text or an emoji.

What types of media can I send over MMS?

MMS enables you to send and receive images, video, audio, and GIFs. This is different from SMS, which only allows you to send text and emojis.

Does Bandwidth offer an SMS API as well?

Yes. Bandwidth offers both an SMS and an MMS API.

Can I send and receive messages via MMS API?

Yes, Bandwidth’s API enables you to both send and receive MMS.

Can I send MMS via short codes?

Yes. In fact, you can api send MMS over any type of number (short code, toll-free, or local). Currently, Bandwidth does not offer short code MMS, but it’s something we’re working on (so stay tuned).

Does MMS segment like SMS?

No. MMS doesn’t have character limits the way SMS does, but there can be data size limits based on the provider you’re working with.

Is MMS billed differently than SMS?

Yes, but still on a per-message basis (not based on the type or size of media you send).

How long is media stored?

Bandwidth stores MMS media for 48 hours.

Can you get delivery receipts for MMS?

Yes. Bandwidth does currently offer this feature.

Are emojis MMS?

No! While newer phones, software, and applications translate emojis into more graphical representations, emojis at their core are still just characters that can be sent over SMS. 😀

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