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Enable MMS on any phone number

Own your own numbers or don’t want to port your numbers over to Bandwidth? Not a problem! Bandwidth’s Hosted Messaging gives you the power to keep numbers where you want them, and use our powerful Messaging API on any number you choose.

Multimedia message sent via MMS API

Never worry about lost messages

Sending a message that’s never delivered is a terrible experience for your users, which is why we’re proud of the close-knit relationships we keep with the major wireless carriers. As a major carrier ourselves we know what it takes to get the right messages delivered and how to shut down bad actors through our own SPAM and fraud mitigation platform - that’s the power that comes with owning your own network.

With you every step of the way

With you every step of the way Finding the documentation or SDKs necessary to add MMS messaging to your product, service, or application isn’t really all that hard. But what about when you need help implementing that code? Do you know who to call if there’s a network outage that’s preventing your customers’ messages from being delivered? With Bandwidth, it’s easy. We welcome you with open arms, but our support doesn’t stop as soon as you’re in the door. From onboarding to our customer success team, we support you through every step, bump, and even the occasional hiccup, all included as part of being a Bandwidth customer (we don’t charge you extra for that extra attention!).

The world of messaging is changing

Knowing the regulations that dictate message delivery and your own limitations as a messaging user, can be the difference between providing a good and a GREAT customer experience. Understanding where messaging has been, and where it’s going, gives your business the advantage it needs to provide the best, most reliable experience possible.

Picture yourself with Bandwidth?

So what are you waiting for? Harness the power of messaging for your business. Let Bandwidth help you get started.

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