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While once something you had to painstakingly type out on your phone, SMS messaging has grown to be the preferred means of communications for most of your users (and their users too!). With faster response times and higher open rates, SMS is the smartest way to enrich your product’s communications strategy.

With Bandwidth’s SMS APIs not only can you easily send and receive text messages with just a few lines of code, you can rely on Bandwidth’s owned and operated network for deeper insight and reliable delivery. Whether it’s simple text messaging, programmable SMS integration with your application, or something that hasn’t been thought of yet, Bandwidth, and our network, is here to support you.

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Message Deliverability

Text messaging has big-time value as a channel for customer communications. Learn the best practices for ensuring your messages are delivered and engaged with.

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Send texts from our numbers… or yours

Own your own numbers or don’t want to port your numbers over to Bandwidth? Not a problem! Bandwidth’s Hosted Messaging gives you the power to keep numbers where you want them, and use our powerful Text Messaging API on any number you choose. It’s one-stop programmable SMS management designed for the biggest, most powerful messaging businesses in the world.

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Ensuring your mission-critical text messages get delivered

Knowing that your customers’ text messages will actually be delivered is certainly a priority when it comes to SMS messaging—that’s one of the reasons why Bandwidth has built our own network, so we have more insight to make sure the messages you send get received every time.

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Enterprise-trusted SMS API for the biggest and best applications

Whether your use case is person-to-person (P2P) or application-to-person (A2P), Bandwidth’s SMS Messaging API has the messaging power you need to build the next big messaging product. Programmable SMS messaging is being used in so many new and innovative ways—from two-factor authentication, to appointment reminders, to chatbots and text messaging based customer support…the list is extensive (and exciting!).

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