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Integrate powerful SMS messaging into your applications with Bandwidth’s easy-to-use SMS API.

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Text messaging that delivers

Bandwidth’s position as both a CPaaS provider and a network operator gives you the control, flexibility, and insight that you crave. Reliably send messages on our tier 1 network and get deeper insights into deliverability and ROI, whether you’re sending text alerts, surveys, or just bridging a connection.

Industry-leading message delivery insights

You pay for every message you send, even the ones that aren’t delivered. We think there’s a better way. Get insights into which messages are being delivered, which aren’t, and why that is. Learn more about message deliverability.

Real human support

Get real support from real people. We’re ready to answer every question you have and help you every step of the way, from Day 1 to Day 36,500.

Direct-to-carrier pricing

Eliminate the middleman. We own and operate our own nationwide network, giving you better pricing without the markups of other CPaaS providers.

Unparalleled flexibility

Group messaging? More than 160 characters? Need to interact with bots or pin codes? If you can dream it, you can build it thanks to our endlessly flexible SMS API.

Powerful SMS features get you going fast

We’ve worked hard to blend a full-featured tier 1 network with cutting edge APIs that allow you to build the future of communications.

  • High volume support over local or toll-free numbers
  • MMS - videos, gifs, pictures and more
  • Bring your own number capabilities
  • Reliable delivery
  • Bi-directional unicode and emojis
  • Redundant network
  • Up to the minute delivery receipts
  • 100+ MPS capabilities
require 'bandwidth_messaging'
include BandwidthMessaging

messaging_client =
messaging_controller = messaging_client.client

body =
body.application_id = "123" = ["+18888888888", "+17777777"]
body.from = "+19999999999"
body.text = "Greetings from Bandwidth!"
messaging_controller.create_message("456", body)

A network built for developers

Why rent when you can own? Most programmable SMS platforms rent network space from carriers. Bandwidth is different. We give you carrier-grade features like delivery receipts and error codes that help you increase deliverability, reduce costs, and build a better product.

Start sending messages with our free SMS API trial or talk to one of our experts to get your questions answered

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No other provider offered the same level of hands-on support or cost savings that Bandwidth has been able to deliver. Their flexible APIs made it simple for us to get up and running without missing a beat.

No middleman pricing

Since we own the network and APIs, we’re able to give you pricing that other CPaaS providers that have to rent space just can’t.

Bandwidth* Typical Competitor Savings
Inbound Messaging (per message) FREE $0.0075 100%
Outbound Messaging (per message) $0.005 $0.0075 33%
Phone Number (per line per month) $0.35 $1.00 65%
Network operators and CPaaS providers

The Bandwidth Difference

At Bandwidth, we’re committed to creating a different kind of communications company. People have called us lots of things—“the most modern carrier,” “the most powerful CPaaS,” “the most scalable API provider.” The truth is, we do things differently; we’ve made reinventing telecom our mission, combining the power of a network operator with the flexibility of an API platform.

Ready to get started?

Start sending messages with our free SMS API trial, or talk to one of our experts to get your questions answered.

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