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SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

Enterprise-trusted SMS for interactions with impact. Flexible messaging that lets you do business the way you want.

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SMS is today’s preferred method of communication

Every demographic is texting—and it’s increasingly becoming an expectation for businesses as well. Whether it’s sending appointment reminders or scheduling updates, consumers want messages sent to their phone that they can reply to in their own time; you want the ability to scale the number of messages you can send as your customer-base grows. Bandwidth’s SMS works with your SMPP/MM4 gateway to provide your business access to our nationwide network, and it’s all backed by our easy to use management dashboard so you can move as quickly as you need.

Mastering message deliverability

Master message deliverability

Text messaging has big-time value as a channel for customer communications. Learn the best practices for ensuring your messages are delivered and engaged with.

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Control how you communicate

Staying in control isn’t just about wanting to manage everything – it’s about knowing where there are issues and being able to hold yourself accountable to your customers if there’s an issue. We totally understand that. Because we’re a carrier ourselves, we know what it takes to get messages delivered from A-to-B, and how to navigate the tough telecom waters, giving you the insight you need to stay accountable to your customers.

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Scalable business-grade communications

You want to send your customers SMS messages (and they want you to as well), but you don’t want to have to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud just to do it. With Bandwidth’s SMS Messaging Gateway you can utilize your existing SMPP servers to connect to our all-IP network to send scalable, business-grade messages to your customers, providing them with non-disruptive updates, alerts, and reminders.

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Our customers love us (and we love them!)

We go above and beyond to please our customers—they’re some of the biggest businesses in the world. Because we work with such industry giants, we know what it takes to get them up, running, and happy for the long haul with easy to reach expertise, intuitive user interfaces, and subject-matter experts available for telecom heavy topics like billing and phone number porting.

Just the facts: Bandwidth SMS for SMPP and MM4 Messaging Gateways

Enable SMS & MMS messaging from your existing numbers (including options for numbers outside the Bandwidth network)

Quick & easy activation from our user-friendly Phone Number Dashboard-start communicating with your customers now!

Full API documentation to integrate phone number ordering, provisioning, and porting within your own user interfaces

Rest easy and rely on our interconnected network – directly connected to almost all of the major mobile networks.

Power your SMPP Gateway with Bandwidth SMS

Ready to take the next step on your messaging journey? We’re ready to help!

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