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Operator Messenger


Text messages get engagement like no other communication channel

Your brand is important to you and your business telephone number embodies your business. With Bandwidth and Operator Messenger, you can benefit from both Operator Messenger’s easy-to-use-interface and our best-in-class message deliverability, commitment to customer satisfaction, and second-to-none industry insight.


•Contact lists
•Group channel
•Messenger persistence
•Intuitive UI
•User channel and conversational messaging

Partnering with Operator Messenger and Bandwidth gives you the ability to text using your existing phone numbers. There is nothing to change! Enjoy a unique branded URL, logo, and theme. Simply connect your numbers and let customers start with conversational messaging. Users can send messages from different numbers using user or group channels.

Disclaimer: We are excited to introduce you to companies with offerings that may fit your business needs. Please note that in introducing you to a partner, Bandwidth is not making a representation or warranty about their business, products, or services.

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