Pricing that delivers
real business value

Whether you are building your first messaging application or need to power a large cloud communication platform our direct-to-carrier pricing model gives you the best quality for the best price.

The Bandwidth pricing advantage

Cut out the middleman with direct-to-carrier pricing

Eliminate the middleman. We own and operate our own nationwide network, giving you better pricing without the markups of other CPaaS providers.

Signature support & onboarding included

Our support model is built around making our customers successful. That’s why you get access to dedicated teams for launch, porting, 911, and more when using our services.

Committed use and volume discounts

Get access to custom pricing tailored to your needs when you have a custom or high-volume use case.

Trusted by leading communication platforms

Pricing details

Communication APIs

Our API Platform pricing is designed to help product owners and development teams launch and scale applications easily.

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Voice API

Embed flexible, scalable voice calling into your application with more accurate, 6-second billing, all backed by our nationwide all-IP voice network.

Domestic outbound
$0.010 per min.
Call conferencing
$0.0015 per min.
Domestic inbound
$0.0055 per min.
Standard text-to-speech
$0.0007 per 100 char.
Standard call transcription
$0.045 per min.
Call recording
$0.002 per min.
Answering machine detection
$0.0060 per call
Media streaming
$0.0035 per min.
Messaging API

Bandwidth messaging APIs let you build 10DLC, short code, and toll-free texting into products and applications.

SMS outbound
$0.0040 per message
MMS outbound
$0.0150 per message
Toll-free SMS outbound
$0.0070 per message
Toll-free MMS outbound
$0.020 per message
Short code SMS outbound
$0.0080 per message
Short code MMS outbound
$0.020 per message
Authentication API

Secure your software, website, or application user accounts with multi-factor authentication.

Successful authentication
$0.05 per authentication
* Terms and conditions apply. Rates do not include any applicable taxes or fees. Full product pricing available on request.
Emergency access

Connect your phone numbers, product, or application instantly to emergency services with fast, accurate emergency routing.

Enterprise cloud

Boost your enterprise communications tech stack with powerful SIP and emergency services. Built to integrate and scale seamlessly.

Custom pricing available for high volume and enterprise use cases.
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