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5 Must-Haves for Insanely Good Conversational AI

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with an automated system before – whether a virtual agent, chatbot, or an IVR. There’s also a pretty good chance that it wasn’t very good! Here’s the thing – it’s not easy to create a great conversational AI application… but it is possible and many leading companies are doing it well.

What you’ll learn

  • Tips and tricks for AI self-service without compromise
  • Examples and results from real-world use cases
  • Where to start with Conversational AI
  • How voice quality can affect your interactions

Brian Morin


Brian is the head of marketing for SmartAction where their obsession with creating incredible customer experiences with conversational AI has led to its standing as the top-rated Virtual Customer Assistant solution on Gartner Peer Insight and distinction as “The Leader in AI-Enhanced Self-Service” by Frost & Sullivan.

Dan Fox

Vice President of Product Marketing & Strategy

Dan leads strategic initiatives in product and market expansion for SmartAction. He has over 8+ years of experience in market development for Artificial Intelligence technologies, with a focus on conversational speech recognition and natural language.

Caitlin Long

Manager, Product Marketing

Caitlin is in charge of go-to-market strategy, including messaging and positioning, for all Voice products at Bandwidth. A storyteller by trade, she specializes in translating technical product information so the customer doesn’t have to. Eliminating jargon and making communications as a service more accessible to the enterprise buyer is her ultimate end game.