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Bandwidth webinar

Back to Basics: Messaging 101


Regulations are constantly changing around text messaging. New features are adopted, there are new updates it seems every other day, and don’t forget about all the acronyms there are to keep track of (P2P, A2P, IA2P, 10DLC, etc.). We’re here to shed some light. Every now and then we like to take it back to basics to keep you up to speed and help you understand the messaging ecosystem.

If you watched our Messaging 101 webinar recording from last year, you’ll want to tap into our updated live webinar and have the chance to ask all your burning messaging questions!

What you’ll learn

  • The difference between A2P and P2P messaging and why it matters to your business now more than ever
  • The different use cases for shortcodes, toll-free SMS, and local numbers
  • How a message is sent and why carriers make all the difference
  • How to know if your messages are being delivered, because you pay for what you send not what actually gets delivered

Nicole Culver

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Messaging

Nicole is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Messaging product at Bandwidth. With almost a decade of marketing experience in industries ranging from book publishing to cybersecurity, Nicole has found her true passion in marketing technology solutions. At Bandwidth, Nicole champions our Messaging APIs and is always looking for new ways to improve communications.