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How Bandwidth Helps CLECs Grow Their National Footprint

We’re one of the nation’s largest providers of phone numbers

  • 8,800+ rate centers and growing, with nationwide population coverage
  • Software-driven platform for fast, scalable, and fully automated phone number (DID) ordering, provisioning, and management
  • Purpose built all-IP network with no legacy TDC components
  • Tens of millions of numbers in service
  • Experience helping local exchange carriers make the move to IP since 1999

Grow your business with the intelligent use of IP

Local Exchange Carriers like the FairPoint Communications, Ironton Telephone, Windstream, TDS, Cincinati Bell, and Integra use Bandwidth as their virtual network provider, supplementing their existing coverage and CLEC footprint with IP-based voice and 911.

“Bandwidth’s network footprint made it easy for us to seamlessly expand our out-of-territory coverage. Through flexible APIs, we were able to automate the entire number ordering and provisioning process.”
— Brent Groome, Chief Executive of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives, HTC

“Our offerings are enhanced by Bandwidth, particularly because of their hassle-free 911 service. Bandwidth provides the customizable, flexible communications solutions that our customers depend on.”
— Rogier Ducloo, Director of Product Management, Integra

Whatever your reason to grow, Bandwidth has a winning solution to support out-of-network expansion while also minimizing hassles.

  1. We offer a single source for voice, messaging, and 911.
  2. We built our nationwide all-IP voice network – and our reputation – on incredible service, nationwide coverage, and competitive pricing.
  3. We don’t force massive change on your existing processes and procedures.

Your single source provider for nationwide voice and 911

Bandwidth is your single source for nationwide Voice and 911. Voice services include origination, termination, and toll free. Our 911 solutions can meet your needs whether you require call routing or database management. On top of that, we are the only provider with such a wide variety of tools – from an industry leading self service portal to our fully automated APIs – all intended to match your precise business needs.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof.

Background: Founded in 1952, HTC offers local telephone service, long distance, Digital Wireless, Digital Cable, High-Speed Internet Access, other advanced business services, home security, and fiber to the home technology.

Lumbee River Electric Membership Corporation (LREMC) is a not for profit electric utility serving four eastern North Carolina counties. In 2012, LREMC won a Broadband Stimulus loan and grant for its project to build a fiber-based network that would deliver high speed Internet data and video to unserved and underserved rural areas within its existing service area.

HTC is doing business as Bluewave Communications in the designated stimulus area in Robeson County, North Carolina.

The Challenge: The ability to deliver voice services over the new fiber network would be critical to acquiring new customers and ensuring their long term satisfaction. LREMC collaborated with HTC to make it happen. There was just one small problem – HTC didn’t have a voice coverage footprint in the areas of North Carolina where the new fiber network had been built.

To deliver on LREMC’s requirements, HTC was faced with the classic conundrum in telecommunications deployment—to build or to buy. HTC could have paid thousands of dollars and dedicated its workforce to securing licenses and facilities in the new markets, which would have taken a year or more. Alternatively, the company could partner with a CLEC provider and pay significantly less to deploy voice services across the new network.

The Solution: HTC reached out to Bandwidth to extend voice services to all of the new business and residential customers the Broadband Stimulus loan and grant helped to get connected.

Bandwidth’s all-VoIP network and software-driven approach allowed HTC to seamlessly extend its coverage footprint to the new fiber network and the area being served by Bluewave Communications. By tapping into a simple set of APIs, HTC was able to completely automate the provisioning and porting of phone numbers. Plus HTC could offer its new business and residential customers a complete phone service offering powered by Bandwidth including a phone number, a package of minutes, full 911 support, and significant savings as opposed to the traditional voice network.

Expanding? Don’t build. Leverage a trusted IP provider.

Our customers tell us they’re hesitant to build out additional CLEC infrastructure because it’s expensive, plus there are tons of regulatory issues to navigate – like getting CLEC status and meeting subscribers’ 911 requirements. However, if you’re like our customers, you’re  still looking towards growth. Perhaps an enterprise customer is opening a new office, maybe you need to counter revenue loss from cellular competitors, or you’re just looking for new revenue streams.

Whatever the reason, Bandwidth has a solution for you.

How Bandwidth Helps CLECs Grow Their National Footprint

Ready to grow your footprint?

Find out more about how we can customize our nationwide voice, messaging, 911 footprint, and automation tools to meet your specific needs.