Part 1: Demystifying 10DLC registration requirements

A mobile phone with symbols of notepad, messaging, and code rising above
You’ll Learn:
  • 10DLC registration requirements and recent changes, including updated guidelines, fees, and critical opt-in requirements
  • Adoption and business impact of 10DLC registration requirements since the March 1st effective date
  • What to know when registering brands and campaigns for 10DLC
  • How registration affects your messaging costs and throughput

As businesses look to best engage with their customers, text messaging continues to be an excellent channel to break through with 98% open rates on average. But, as business text messaging continues to grow in popularity, so does the desire to maintain its stance as a trusted channel for customers.  With that comes a shift for all messaging services, as well as the type of traffic delivered, to be known, documented, and verified.

Let’s face it – the messaging industry has changed significantly in a short amount of time. This sheer amount of change has businesses asking, “what does this mean for me?”

Join us for part one of our Registration Roundup series: Demystifying 10DLC Registration Requirements.  We will partner with experts from The Campaign Registry to help break down 10DLC and how these messaging changes impact your business.


Stefan Heller headshot

Stefan Heller

Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships–The Campaign Registry

Stefan has over 30 years experience in the Mobile ecosystem globally, spanning across the UK, Europe, Southeast Asia, and most recently in the US. You could say he’s been there, done that, seen it all! From multi-country compliance regulations and wholesale messaging deals, to the current rollout of 10DLC in the US and the resulting coordination with US carriers using The Campaign Registry (TCR), he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the messaging eco-system table.

Emily Champion headshot

Emily Champion

Product Manager, Bandwidth

Emily has been at Bandwidth for three and a half years and directly involved in 10DLC for one and half years. During her time at Bandwidth, she broadened her scope but maintained great fondness and knowledge of 10DLC. Emily came to Bandwidth because of her love of working directly with customers to solve problems and the emphasis Bandwidth places on customer service. She regularly attends the 10DLC council meetings – an industry focused meeting, specifically for the leaders in the space, to give feedback on and learn about upcoming developments.