Take your contact center global: 3 make-or-break factors

Delivering exceptional experience is a priority for businesses today. How do you scale these experiences?
You’ll Learn:
  • Why Customer experience (CX) defines brands
  • Priorities of a customer contact centre communications
  • How Uber & Aircall have scaled their contact centers globally
  • Tips to navigate complex regulations worldwide
  • A Summary: The 3 make or break it factors

In this webinar, communications expert Mehmet Hussein from Bandwidth, will talk about why the future of customer contact is cloud-based communications. He’ll break down how to scale globally, why it can get complex fast and how cloud can be a CX competitive advantage. Plus, he’ll look at companies like Uber and Aircall, to see how they’ve scaled their contact centres globally.


Mehmet Hussein headshot

Mehmet Hussein

Director, Sales Engineering, Bandwidth

After doing the rounds in the UK telecoms circuit, Mehmet joined Bandwidth in 2019 as a Senior Solutions Architect. Since then he now  runs the international Solutions Engineering team, responsible for all pre-sales technical support while providing strategic guidance for Bandwidth’s top tier clients.