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Software & Product Use Cases

Transform your customer's journey by communicating with them in various ways.

  • 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)
  • Click to call or text
  • SMS Notifications & Alerts
  • Automated SMS Surveys
  • Real-time lead alerts
  • SMS Marketing & Promotions
  • Build an IVR System
  • High-volume messaging
  • Call Tracking
  • Automated customer surveys
  • Virtual/private phone numbers
  • Integrated 9-1-1 Access

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

Keep yours & the customers’ information safe with code or PIN verification.

Build it with:

Learn More See the sample code

Click to call or text

Turn web or app traffic into a human connection with a single click.

Build it with:

See the sample code

SMS Notifications & Alerts

Notify individuals or mass-scale customers on their preferred channel when timeliness & being in-the-know matters.

Build it with:

See PHP sample code See Java sample code

Automated SMS Surveys

Gather feedback from customers, allowing you to reward, adapt, or remedy any user experience.

Build it with:

Real-time lead alerts

Escalate hot leads faster and give your team the competitive advantage no matter where they are.

Build it with:

SMS Marketing & Promotions

Engage with customers where they want — on their own devices, allowing the next step to be a phone call.

Build it with:

Build an IVR System

Minimize customer wait time by intelligently routing calls or messages to where their needs can best be served.

Build it with:

See the sample code

High-volume messaging

Reach more customers faster. Send updates, specials, or notifications and know that your messages will be delivered.

Build it with:

Call Tracking

Gain reporting and analytics insights by pinpointing the exact source of a phone call.

Build it with:

See Ruby example code See Java example code

Automated customer surveys

Know what your customers are thinking with surveys sent where they’re most likely to respond — their text messages!

Build it with:

Virtual/private phone numbers

Whether you’re looking for insights into channel performance or want to protect your privacy, virtual phone numbers put you in control.

Build it with:

See the example code

Integrated 9-1-1 Access

Integrate help directly into your application, saving seconds when they matter the most.

Build it with:

Customer Story

Messaging lets BoomTown track every interaction

Bandwidth worked with BoomTown to embed messaging into their real estate CRM, allowing users to track every client interaction.

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