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The biggest brands in business rely on Bandwidth’s Voice and Messaging APIs

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Why should you choose Bandwidth vs. Twilio?

We’re the only communications API provider with its own nationwide carrier network— giving us value that other providers simply can’t match.


Better support-for free

Our team of industry vets (we’ve been in the biz since 1999) give you personalized, friendly support that goes way beyond forum-based help. And since we own our network, we can give you deeper insight in a snap.


Direct to network savings

Did we mention our network is the largest VoIP network in the nation? Yep. That extensive coverage translates to amazing quality, unmatched flexibility, and big-time (typically up to 50%) cost savings.


The features you need

Our comprehensive API platform has everything and more to grow your business. In addition to the basics, we’ve got the extras to help you scale like back-office management features and an extensive US and Canada phone number database.

And did we mention major cost savings? (Typically up to 50%)

How much money can you save by switching to the best Twilio Alternative?

Bandwidth* Twilio** Savings
Phone Number

(per line per month)

$0.35 $1.00 65%
Inbound Calling

(per minute)

$0.0055 $0.0075 27%
Outbound Calling

(per minute)

$0.01 $0.0130 23%
Inbound Messaging

(per message)

FREE $0.0075 100%
Outbound Messaging

(per message)

$0.005 $0.0075 33%

*Unless otherwise stated, taxes are included. Prices only available with prepaid use of Communications API Platform. Prices subject to change. Terms and conditions apply. **Publicly available list pricing as of June 22, 2017. May not include applicable taxes.

See why top brands choose Bandwidth over Twilio

GigSalad switched to the best Twilio Alternative because Bandwidth’s APIs offered higher SMS deliverability for their business-critical texts.

“Our business depends on texting to keep our customers happy and engaged with our platform. Switching to Bandwidth was essential for us in increasing our message deliverability.”

Locke Bircher

Lead Engineer

MyNeighbor built with Bandwidth instead of Twilio because Bandwidth offered greater scalability for their growing platform, faster.

“We needed an API provider that could get us ready for business fast, and scale with us as we grow. We never felt like we were talking to a website. It felt like a partnership from the very first call.”

Sebastien Martel

Co-Founder and CTO

ParentSquare chose Bandwidth over Twilio because Bandwidth offered unmatched flexibility for their unique use case.

“Speed of message delivery is extremely important when it comes to communicating with parents. Bandwidth makes it easy for us to manage peak voice traffic in a very efficient manner. No other provider offered us such flexibility and control.”

Anj Vaid


Qwasi chose Bandwidth because they knew Bandwidth’s in-house expertise could guarantee a more reliable customer experience.

“By going directly to the carrier, we know exactly what we’re getting and that the team behind our offering is at the top of its game when it comes to network reliability. We’re looking forward to continued partnership with Bandwidth.”

Jon Thies


More control = better customer experiences

Twilio and other API platform competitors rely on third-party partners for the basic voice and SMS network connectivity that we control in-house. That means we hold the reins on things like call quality and text message deliverability instead of relying on outsourced partners who can drive up costs and offer a poor quality experience. Let’s put it a little differently. If you equate choosing your API to buying a new car, not only do we own the car dealership, we also built the engine, control the quality of the gas and oil, and can can even give you a GPS to find the best route. The other guys are just dealerships, crossing their fingers that the cars on the lot aren’t lemons.

The engineers who build and operate our network are just across the hall

When your idea is complicated, you’ve got a seemingly “impossible” question, or need flexible service options our full team is in the building. Network engineers, API product owners, and our 24/7 network operations center team are all just steps away from the Customer Success Advocate you’re calling for help. That powerful in-house knowledge base means we’re able to dive in deeper, diagnose potential problems before they start, optimize for crystal-clear call quality, and consult the right experts when it matters most.

Bandwidth employees

Our APIs are built for speed, simplicity, and scale

Some of the biggest brands in the world rely on us for APIs that let their developers build quickly, while scaling up fast with advanced phone number management APIs. These back-office APIs are crucial for finding, assigning, and transferring phone numbers at scale, making management a snap. Just looking for thorough documentation and SDKs to get you moving? Yep, we’ve got those too.

Man holding phone

See the Bandwidth difference— try the APIs for free

See why we are the best Twilio alternative. Take our APIs for a quick spin around the block. When you’re ready to see what the Bandwidth difference can do for you, give us a call.

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