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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Quickly add 2FA to your application with one simple API that utilizes carrier-grade voice and messaging to deliver peace of mind to your customers.

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Keep your customers safe with secure messaging

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Reliable, fast delivery of your messages

Get important, time-sensitive codes and logins delivered quickly and reliably without having to build expensive telecom infrastructure. And, with Bandwidth, you get an industry leader in delivery receipt transparency, giving you the accurate insights and information you need to understand what’s happening with your messages.

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Crystal-clear voice calling for important PINs & passwords

Not all devices can accept SMS, including business telephones and landlines. Our 2FA API can work with our owned and operated nationwide all-IP voice network to deliver a voice message to authenticate these users.

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Industry-leading experts & support

Our nationwide network has 24-hour monitoring to identify and resolve downstream issues. Get access to industry-leading experts in voice calling, messaging, and telecom, giving you the knowledge and support you need.

Built for Developers

Ready to reduce fraud and protect your users with one-time codes and account verification? Our 2FA API makes it easy to send custom messages over voice and SMS, from your own numbers without the need for additional telecom infrastructure.

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const BandwidthMfa = require('@bandwidth/mfa');
BandwidthMfa.Configuration.basicAuthUserName = "token";
BandwidthMfa.Configuration.basicAuthPassword = "secret";
const mfaController = BandwidthMfa.APIController;

mfaController.createMessagingTwoFactor("accountId", {
  from: "+19999999999",
  to: "+18888888888",
  applicationId: "1-2-3",
  scope: "authorization"

mfaController.createVerifyTwoFactor("accountId", {
  from: "+19999999999",
  to: "+18888888888",
  applicationId: "1-2-3",
  scope: "authorization",
  code: "123456"

Two-factor authentication example.

What can you do with 2FA?

Protect your customers' personal information and sensitive business systems. Whether verifying a login or confirming account changes, two-factor authentication is a must-use technology for your business.

Second Factor Login graphic

Second factor login

Passwords can be guessed or compromised, which is why businesses should provide more protection to secure logins and prevent fraudulent access. With a valid phone number for the user, your business can deliver a code (via short code, toll-free SMS, Local A2P, or even a phone call) to your users’ device, which the user enters to validate their presence.

Number verification graphic

Phone number verification

Many businesses depend on phone numbers to verify a user’s identity. To protect your users and reduce fraud, SMS and voice 2FA can be used to verify any phone number input into your system. Validate callers are who they say they are.

Securing actions

Securing actions

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 2FA codes can be used on high-risk actions by your customers, such as account changes or high-value purchases, to not only protect users from themselves, but to reduce fraud if an account or payment source is compromised.

Single use passwords

Single use passwords

Eliminate the need for users to create new passwords, which have to be tracked and are often forgotten, and instead, allow them to login with their phone number. A 2FA code can be delivered and used as a temporary, single use password, expiring after a set amount of time.

Ways to Deliver Your 2FA Codes

An out-of-the-box solution to two-factor authentication doesn't mean you don't have choices. At Bandwidth you have access to a full suite of communications options that let you customize how your account authentication codes are sent.

Toll-Free SMS Icon

Toll-Free SMS

Text-enable your existing toll-free numbers and send verification codes from a number your customers already recognize. Learn more about Toll-Free SMS from Bandwidth.

Local A2P Icon

Local A2P

Built on 10DLC (10 digit long code), our Local A2P solution allows you to send high-volume, high-throughput codes from your local number. Learn more about Bandwidth’s Local A2P solution.

Short Codes Icon

Short Codes

Use the same short code you use to send appointment reminders and alerts to send verification codes and passwords to your customers, securing their accounts. Learn more about Bandwidth Short Codes.

Voice API Icon


Support land-lines while providing texting as a fallback with voice 2FA. Send codes with programmable voice calling when you connect 2FA to our flexible and powerful Voice API. Learn more about the Bandwidth Voice API.

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Why Bandwidth

At Bandwidth, our commitment to security is unparalleled. We developed APIs that connect directly into our purpose-built network, giving us better insights into possible fraud and allowing us to take proactive steps that others can’t. Our experts have decades of experience in the voice and messaging industries, having worked to define the past, present, and future of both while developing deep connections to the carriers.

We also provide our customers with insights into their own message delivery with error codes and delivery receipts and have a 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) that monitors billions of minutes of traffic a month for enterprise-grade companies to ensure maximum uptime with no interruption in service on our geo-redundant, carrier-grade network.

How can your industry be transformed with Bandwidth?

Software and products

Software & Products

Authenticate user accounts with codes delivered via SMS or phone call. Learn more

Banking and finance graphic

Finance & Banking

Secure customer financial information, verify account changes, and validate high-value transactions.



Protect sensitive patient information and simplify health portal logins with two-factor authentication codes.

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