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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Make a traditional username and password combination harder for hackers to crack with secure messaging made simple.

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Two-factor authentication use case

Keep your customers safe with secure messaging


The flexibility to build what you want

Every business is different, which means your messaging needs are unique to you. Build a 2FA solution that’s right for your business, avoiding out-of-the-box solutions and doing what’s right for you and your customers.

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Reliable delivery when speed matters

Get time-sensitive PINs and verification codes to access accounts and verify credentials delivered quickly and reliably over SMS, ensuring that customers can access their accounts and verify their information.

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Provide secure account access

Passwords can be cracked. Passwordless activation with one-time use codes and PIN codes sent over SMS to verify user identity gives your customers the peace of mind they need, knowing that their personal information and account details are secured.

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Why Bandwidth

At Bandwidth, our commitment to security is unparalleled. We own our APIs and network, giving us better insights into possible fraud and allowing us to take proactive steps that others can’t, and provide our customers with insights into their own message delivery with error codes and delivery receipts.

Our messaging experts have decades of experience in the industry, having worked to define the past, present, and future of messaging. That experience in the industry also comes with deep connections to the carriers, allowing us to work directly with them to resolve issues.

Built for Developers

Ready to start sending PINs and account verification texts to your customers? We’ve got the building blocks to get your two-factor authentication solution up and running.

Show me how

require "ruby-bandwidth"
Bandwidth::Client.global_options = {
  :user_id => "your_user_id",
  :api_token => "your_api_token",
  :api_secret => "your_api_secret"}

call = Bandwidth::Call.create({
  :from => "+12525089000",
  :to => "+15035555555",
  :callbackUrl => ""})


Example showing how to create a call.
Read the full two-factor authentication tutorial

How can your industry be transformed with Bandwidth?

Software and products

Software & Products

Secure customer user accounts with passwordless authorization with PINs over SMS. Learn more

Banking and finance

Finance & Banking

Secure customers’ financial information with PINs sent over SMS to verify account logins.



Protect patient information with one-use PINs for health portal logins, sent securely over SMS.

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