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Your contact center platform, evolved

Take your contact center software to the next level by integrating our global voice and messaging for better customer and agent experiences.

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Differentiate your platform the easy way

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Migration has never been easier

With organizations shifting to hybrid work models, the need to move from on-prem to the cloud has accelerated. We can power your SIP trunking as you remove those costly TDM and PRI connections in favor of a more scalable and cost-efficient SIP solution.

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Radical resiliency

The need to avoid being single-threaded is crucial to your CCaaS’s success. Bandwidth’s global network has full geo-redundancy for flexible, private connectivity from your platform to ours.

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Global domination, easy as API

Managing multiple vendors with different availability of communication channels and APIs is a hassle. With Bandwidth, you get the only global communications network that connects you directly to the PSTN in 60+ countries. All on one platform.

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Demystify regulations

For each country that you need phone numbers and connectivity, there’s a unique set of regulatory challenges. Our global team of experts has decades of experience distilling complex regulations. We work to spell out the info you need, so you can get back to business.

Keep agents & customers happy

Quality & reliability

Get best-in-class toll-free voice when you leverage the Bandwidth toll-free network plus the redundancy of 4 other major toll-free carriers. That means ultimate reliability and custom calling solutions, all at direct-to-carrier pricing.

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Support when you need it

You never want to have an issue, but when you do, our industry knowledge and experienced team make all the difference, bringing a human touch to the support experience.

Automated porting & provisioning

Nobody loves porting. But with Bandwidth, you get the freedom and flexibility to choose the date and time your phone numbers are activated, putting you in control and giving you a Happy Porting experience.

Voxbone (now Bandwidth) is there to do the heavy lifting. They’ve already done the hard work for us. As we expand in new markets, they give us an advantage.

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Build better CX, for your customers & theirs

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Create seamless omnichannel experiences

Enable omnichannel CX builds with our integration-ready voice and messaging APIs that enable an instant connection between your platform and ours.

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Manage services at scale

Unlike network aggregators or local incumbents, our geo-redundant global network will give your platform access to the PSTN in 60+ countries, all managed in one place.

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Navigate global regulations

As your platform expands into new markets, you have to adapt to different regulations. Our global team of experts has decades of experience distilling complex regulations where we do business.

A completely redundant network

Redundancy as standard

With a reliable 99.999%* uptime for our core network, we have network-level geo-redundancy with 8 SuperPoPs across the globe.

Top-quality assurance

Because we connect directly to the PSTN in over 60 markets around the world, we’re able to offer carrier-grade voice services with minimal latency and high-quality calling.

Best-in-breed tech

Our private IP backbone carries billions of minutes a year and is supported by multiple Tier-1 ISPs for maximum availability and for unmatched quality.

*99.999% core network uptime is available in the 4 U.S. points of presence; all other points of presence average 99.995% uptime

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Frequently asked questions

What is CCaaS?

CCaaS is short for Contact Center as a Service. CCaaS gives companies a cloud-based customer experience solution to leverage for their contact center communications, reducing the need to deploy and maintain on-premise contact center equipment, simplifying IT support requirements for enterprises. Five9, 8×8, Talkdesk, NICE inContact, and AWS Connect are among some examples of CCaaS platforms. Companies benefit from the real-time software updates pushed to CCaaS platforms, rather than relying on software refresh cycles and hardware limitations of on-premise contact center deployments.

What is the difference between a Call Center and a Contact Center?

As customer support and service has evolved, the need to engage people on multiple channels has expanded. Some legacy platforms and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies have relied only on making and receiving voice phone calls to facilitate customer support needs, thus the call center nomenclature.

The new modern approach is called a contact center because it incorporates a range of communication channels, like toll-free voice, SMS/MMS text messaging, video, and WebRTC calling as well as a long list of IVR, AI, natural language processing, and voice biometric tools to create efficient methods for customers to contact a specific business.

What is a cloud contact center?

A cloud contact center handles the inbound and outbound customer support experience for a company. Cloud contact centers utilize IP-based technology as a way to modernize their communications for flexibility, accessibility, and resiliency — connecting from anywhere in the world.

What industries do contact centers support?

There’s no one-size-fits-all contact center, and many platforms have built features that serve specific needs across many different verticals like Healthcare, Banking & Finance, and even Retail companies. These custom features like IVR templates, security add-ons, and contextual call data are Many Contact Center platforms use a CPaaS platform like Bandwidth to build custom solutions for niche markets and industries.

What is a multichannel contact center?

A multichannel contact center uses various communication channels to facilitate interactions between agents and customers. The future of customer experience (CX) in the contact center is evolving to incorporate voice, text messaging, video, WebRTC calling, RCS, and many other channels as points of contact with agents.