Media Streaming opens the door for CX innovation

Media streaming opens the door for CX innovation, software dashboard is popped up

Voice is bigger than just conversation.

Every single one of us is a pro at being a customer – there are brands we love, brands we like, and brands we… well, tolerate. But despite knowing a phenomenal customer experience the moment it crosses our path, some businesses are still working to recreate those “wow” moments for their customers. Brands focusing on delivering outstanding CX are addressing a massive shift in consumer behavior, which PwC outlined in their Future of CX report. Among 15,000 consumers, 32% of all customers would leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, and nearly half would walk away after several.

Fortunately, there are endless opportunities to build meaningful customer journeys and advance what it means to be a CX expert (a CX-pert, if you will). With the latest release of Media Streaming for programmable Voice API, you can leverage real-time call audio to evolve your voice calling experience. 

What is Media Streaming?

Media Streaming opens up access to the real-time audio of your voice calls, forking the media and delivering it via WebSocket to your choice of tools or even your own proprietary solution.

Build your own “wow” moments

AI and ML and NLP – oh my! Over the last several years, there has been no slowing in the advancement of these technologies. In fact, according to Fortune Business Insights, the global AI market value is projected to grow to nearly $1,400 billion by 2029. And yes –– that’s a real number! Thanks to these growing technologies, now you can even drive operational efficiency and deliver better customer experiences using your customer’s phone call.

We built Media Streaming for you to leverage AI- and NLP- (natural language processing) equipped tools for voice, putting your customer’s voice to work for you. With this open ecosystem, you can build and innovate in any direction – here are a few examples: 

Voice bots & conversational AI – Provide flexible alternatives to your consumers with voice-based virtual assistants that streamline customer support and give you more scalability.
Sentiment analysis – Monitor customer sentiment via NLP and enable agents to take action at the right time.
Voice biometrics – Reduce fraud and give added security with voice authentication technology.
Voice-activated IVR – Enable voice commands for navigating and responding to IVR menus.
Real-time transcription – Transcribe live conversations from speech to text to capture every detail without lifting a finger.

How Media Streaming works

When your customer makes a call, our programmable voice API will fork the media and pass it to your application. We’re duplicating the real-time audio while the original call continues in the background. You’ll then be able to stream the media to a designated 3rd party cloud service or your tool, where the magic of real-time NLP and AI happens. All the while, your application is receiving ongoing voice analysis, and your customer has a seamless calling experience. 

Evolve your CX with endless voice capabilities 

As you lean into developing the personalization-focused, automation-filled, insights-driven experience that customers expect today, remember that voice is more than just a conversation. The capabilities you tap into can redefine your voice application. 

Maybe you’re a financial tech company implementing voice bio-authentication, a patient engagement platform incorporating IVR with speech recognition, or a contact center software tapping into sentiment analysis. No matter which way you slice it, Media Streaming empowers you to build connected, intelligent voice moments.

How to get started with Media Streaming

Start building in just minutes using Bandwidth BXML single-verb actions. Then, easily integrate with your chosen tool to implement Media Streaming through our Voice API over WebSocket.