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Voice API Capabilities

Bandwidth’s Voice APIs let you make, receive, and control calls—so you can build anything.

  • Set and control call routing
  • Recording and transcription services
  • .WAV & .MP3 Media Playback
  • Text to speech services
  • SDK & developer resources
  • Call tracking
  • Best in class voice quality
  • Detailed call records
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Direct to Carrier Economics

Because Bandwidth Voice APIs are backed by a network that we control completely, you get access to best-in class quality and support at a price only a network operator can provide. There’s no middleman, which means cost-savings at every turn, and a boost to your ROI.

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Our Support is Amazing and Always Included

Bandwidth’s support is next-level. Every customer is connected with a dedicated team of Customer Account Managers that can loop in our in-house specialists from Technical Assistance, Line Porting, Billing, and more. And our Network Operations Center team (NOC) monitors your network traffic 24/7, 365 for quality and connectivity.


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