Moving your contact center into the digital age

Complete guide for CCaaS migration inside

Digital Transformation, or DX for the initiated.

It’s a term we’ve all come across in the last few years, as enterprises attempt to drive greater operational efficiency and take advantage of new opportunities by adopting digital technologies such as the cloud, that can finally replicate what their legacy systems have been doing for years.

It’s no wonder that Forrester expects one in four CIOs to take ownership of driving digital business innovation a key part of their roles in 2019. And IDC expects worldwide spending on technologies and services to enable DX to reach $1.8 trillion in 2022.

Clearly, there is a strong desire to implement DX strategies among even the more risk-averse businesses, thanks to the added agility, functionality, and scalability that digital technologies bring, not to mention the cost-cutting opportunities.

Digital transformation and the contact center

What does this mean for the good ol’ Contact Center? It’s a business function that has never been more important, as enterprises have extended their reach and established local presence in places and countries where they have no physical footprint but customer demand.

What we see among the most cutting-edge of enterprises is a growing understanding that the contact center is one of the most vital touchpoints between a business and its customers – in terms of delivering quality of service, sticky customer experiences (CX), and learning more about the behavior of these customers.

In our latest ebook, I take a look at the reasons why there is growing pressure on CIOs to navigate the digital storm and how a failure to keep up with the technological expectations of customers can have painful repercussions for your CX strategy.

We’ll also delve into the different strategies available to you once you decide to move your contact center to the cloud and explain how a Communications as a Service (CaaS) approach gives you the best mix of cost-saving and control over your comms.

It discusses how implementing a DX initiative for your contact center can deliver the following:

  • 45% cheaper communication costs and new revenue-generating opportunities
  • Omni-channel marketing initiatives that deliver improved CX
  • New functionality for products and services

Check it out to learn how to bring the contact center into the digital age, why you need an omnichannel strategy, and what the changing technological landscape means for different channels of communication – from voice to email, SMS, and webchat.

Ready to get moving?

Getting your contact center to the cloud is complex. But you can accelerate your move with the right tools and pre-integrations. We’ve created this helpful guide to get you started.