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Why you should use Bandwidth as your RespOrg


August 20, 2019


April 10, 2023

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Managing your toll-free voice with Somos is a lot of work. It takes time and effort, time and effort you could be spending focused on doing the things for your business that will make your customers even happier and loyal than they already are.

So why are you doing it? Why act as your own RespOrg when you have other options?

Here’s 4 reasons to let Bandwidth be your RespOrg.

You’re not in the telecom business

You’re really good at what you do, but what you don’t do is telecom. Ok, maybe you do telecom, but all the minutiae of telecom—managing routes and carrier relations, that’s definitely not what you’re selling to your customers and is not your primary business model. That’s ok; we are in telecom. Bandwidth owns and operates a Feature Group D Network, and with decades of telecom industry experience, we know how to talk the talk and have deep industry relationships.

Speaking of which….

We maintain relationships with Tier 1 carriers so you don’t have to

Because we’re a carrier ourselves, and one of the largest RespOrgs in the nation, we have relationships with the other carriers. That may not be unusual, but what sets us apart is the fact that in addition to owning our own toll-free network, we also proudly leverage other Tier 1 carriers in our Toll-Free solution. This allows us to provide you with 4x the redundancy and max resiliency for your toll-free voice. The best part? You eliminate the risk of being single threaded with our multi-carrier redundant solution, but you only have to deal with one carrier, us. (Did we mention how awesome our support is?) Have your cake and eat it.  

Lower your overhead costs

Managing your own toll-free routes to control costs within your business is time and resource intensive. Allowing Bandwidth to do that work for you helps to lower your overhead costs, allowing your team to focus on what they’re good at and allowing us to get your business the best rates possible. Plus when you come onto the Bandwidth RespOrg you gain access to a flat-rate deck, which can provide you with a predictable rate to plan around, helping you better manage costs and customers expectations from month to month.

Easy number management

Using Bandwidth as your RespOrg doesn’t mean you completely give up control of your toll-free voice. You’ll still need to order, port, and provision toll-free numbers, and Bandwidth’s dashboard makes that easy to do. Our industry-leading dashboard makes it easy to see, in real-time, the numbers you have, order the numbers you need, and have them sending and receiving calls in no time. 

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Let us be responsible for you

Ready to let Bandwidth be your RespOrg? Still have questions? Talk to one of our experts, or visit our Toll-Free Voice page to learn more about letting Bandwidth be your RespOrg.

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