An executive’s take on 2023 Enterprise Communications

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This year, expect disruption! 

The rules have been rewritten in the new era of digital communications. Organizations need to accelerate and de-risk their digital transformations. Consumers have new expectations around brand engagement and trust. And global communications are only getting more complex.

The great migration is reaching early majority adoption

Enterprises know their communications of the future must be in the cloud. They know they need to consume communications with software to get anywhere near measurable success. IT leaders have been pursuing this actively, spurred on by the desire to provide exceptional employee customer experiences.

What’s more, optimizing costs has only intensified the need to move communications to the cloud. 2023 has seen businesses cutting costs and scaling investments intelligently, and migrating to the cloud is the single most important path to cost savings. 

In summary: Your energy is best spent focusing on your core competencies. In 2023, it just makes sense to outsource your cloud communications. It’s a simple core vs context decision.

Telecomplexity across the stack

What works for small-to-medium-sized businesses won’t work at global scale for the enterprise. They’re faced with: 

  • A tech stack that’s too complex
  • Previous investments in on-premises equipment
  • New regulatory concerns and requirements
  • Scaling their IT management across the globe
  • Managing relationships and contracts with providers around the world
  • Pressure to increase resiliency and redundancy at every point in the stack

It doesn’t matter if an Enterprise is deployed fully on-prem, in the cloud, or operating with a hybrid model–the communications landscape is intricate and nuanced. We call this “telecomplexity,” and pursuing simplicity to combat this needs to be on every enterprise’s docket.

Findings in the 2023 industry report

In this report, we’ll walk through what organizations are thinking and doing to create competitive, exceptional communications. The topics covered this year include: 

  1. The biggest challenges you’re up against
  2. Your present and future in the cloud
  3. Making everything ‘work’ together 
  4. Simplifying your stack 
  5. Creating consistency across channels
  6. Emergency compliance for the U.S.

You can overcome these challenges, and we’re here to tell you how. From practical tactics to unique examples, this report will illustrate what IT leaders are valuing, how they’re creating composability, and ways to achieve modernization. 

Use this year’s Enterprise Communications Landscape as the foundation for your strategy, now or in five years. And stop having your comms be a dog’s breakfast. 

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