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Are your comms leading or lagging?

The rules of communication have been rewritten. Find out how your organization’s doing compared to your competitors, and what you need to do to prepare for 2023 (and beyond).

    You'll learn:
  • The top IT leader priorities, and ways to achieve them
  • Current cloud adoption rates across UCaaS, CCaaS, and SBCs
  • How & what third-party tools you need to use

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The #1 challenge facing IT leaders is UX

What’s keeping IT leaders up at night? User experience remains a top priority–followed by moving to the cloud, call reliability, and cost savings.

By 2024, organizations converging to offer Total Experience will outperform competitors in both employee and customer experience metrics by 25%1.

ECL Chart

ECL chart 2

Only 38% XL orgs have
moved to UCaaS

Across UC, CC, and SBCs, many enterprises say they plan to migrate to the cloud.

And with nearly half of participants–47 percent–working hybrid or fully remote, why haven’t more businesses begun this shift?

44% aren’t fully compliant with 911 regulations

Only 56% of U.S. respondents said they’re fully compliant with 911 regulations like RAY BAUM’s Act.

This means nearly half of U.S. employees don’t have the tools to place a successful 911 call and may be at risk during workplace emergencies.

ECL Chart

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1The Total Experience Strategy for Better Retail Digital Interactions, Gartner,